Do I Have a Fat Hamster?

Is your hamster body fat? Hamsters are by natural means chunky or chubby-formed, which is a wholly regular hamster shape. Some hamsters are basically furry and fluffy. Other hamsters can turn out to be downright overweight. Wherever does your pet hamster tumble? Do you have a unwanted fat hamster? Dr. Jess solutions this problem and far more beneath in this short article.

fat golden hamster with white background

Is My Hamster Extra fat or Are They Regular?

I get this query a whole lot. Is your hamster body fat or just fluffy or are they totally typical?

Some bodily capabilities of hamsters make it sometimes tough to determine out – hamsters have a naturally chubby physique, even all those hamsters who are not thought of unwanted fat, chubby, or obese.

Hamsters have cheek pouches that they shop foodstuff in, which make their cheeks search pretty spherical and chunky.

They also have all around a very spherical

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