Hills Like Green Iquanas (Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam, 1971)

The hills in close proximity to Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam, a peninsula in the south, had been luscious and complete with moist towering inexperienced foliage, and it had its share of lizards, between them, the huge (six to 7 foot) Iguanas: the green, and the 3 eyed kind reptiles. On the more plateau space under these lofty scenic hills, by the South China Sea, there was a lot of white sand, and virtually no trees for shade, for the American army assist teams, in the course of the 10,000-day Vietnam War, back again in 1971. On major of a hill higher than the 611th Ordnance Organization, was a neat shadow of a creating, termed the Enlisted Men’s Club, it belonged to the Air Pressure. The Vietnamese female, with him (Lee Evens) sat at the bar Lee drinking down fifteen cent can beers and the lady, sipping on a glass of … Read more

Can We Put WiFi Systems And Direct Current Battery Charging On Disaster Rescue Robots?

There has been a big push for disaster rescue robotic system with lots of participants in a DARPA Challenge in 2013. Google X and other contestants put forth their best renditions of robotic systems to solve problems, open doors, climb ladders, stairs, tie knots, turn off gas lines and avoid obstacles. These robotic systems are loaded with high-tech software, artificial intelligence, and an array of sensors to accomplish these tasks, along with video feed for their human counterparts. Why not add a couple of more features to really make them useful? Let’s talk shall we?

There was a worthy article in NASA Tech Briefs in the September 2017 issue titled; “Occupancy Sensing Using Wi-Fi Routers,” by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, CO which stated;

“Researchers at NREL have discovered innovative ways to use a building’s existing Wi-Fi network to determine occupancy within the building. Taking advantage of the beamforming … Read more

Things to Look at When Picking a Cage for Your Pet Reptiles

Reptiles are a extremely numerous group of animals. Receiving a pet reptile these types of as a lizard will have to have you to do some intensive studying. Lizards dwell in different types of habitats. They can thrive in the driest deserts up to the most humid rain forests. Having to know a lot more about your pet lizard’s all-natural habitat will support you to opt for and layout the right cage for it.

There are 5 issues that you ought to take into account in advance of getting a cage for your lizard. These are stability, humidity, lights, space and heating. To understand much more about these elements, you should really find out extra on how your pet lizard normally life in the wild. This will assist you to imitate its normal habitat and give what it requirements.

In phrases of safety, it is not a good idea for … Read more

Science Fair Projects to Make Everybody Happy

Science fair projects – Kids think they should be fun. Teachers think they should be educational. Parents just want them to be fast and easy. Since students, teachers and parents are all involved in the process of getting ready for the science fair, most of the time, science projects have to be all of the above!

As a result, finding the perfect science fair project can be difficult. Here are five steps to finding a project that will make everybody happy.

1. Know what kind of science project is required. There are five kinds of projects, and many a student has had their project idea rejected because of a science technicality. Make sure you know if the science teacher requires an experimental (investigatory) project, a demonstration of a science principle, a report on a subject in science, a collection of items, or a scientific model. Most science fairs require an … Read more

Endangered and Extinct Species

Peoples love to seeing animals, birds and other species… but their is decrement seeing in it’s species. For these activities of extincting only we are responsible humans. Day by day we are seeing that rapid extinction occur.

Extinction occur by deforestation means erasing the lots of trees which vanish the forests.If we will destroy their homes then where they go. That’s why they entered in our community and after that we also even kill them where there is no reason. They hunted due to our faults. As image captured by Google. Many green area on earth are vanish.By extinction data revealed that a rate of 100 to 1000 species lost per million per year due to human caused habital destruction and climate change. Species of wildlife is extincting 1000 times faster than humans.

Let’s talk about our National animal “Royal Bengal Tiger” is also in endangered species. In 2017 about … Read more