October 2, 2023

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Do I Have a Fat Hamster?

fat golden hamster with white background

Is your hamster body fat? Hamsters are by natural means chunky or chubby-formed, which is a wholly regular hamster shape. Some hamsters are basically furry and fluffy. Other hamsters can turn out to be downright overweight. Wherever does your pet hamster tumble? Do you have a unwanted fat hamster? Dr. Jess solutions this problem and far more beneath in this short article.

fat golden hamster with white background

Is My Hamster Extra fat or Are They Regular?

I get this query a whole lot. Is your hamster body fat or just fluffy or are they totally typical?

Some bodily capabilities of hamsters make it sometimes tough to determine out – hamsters have a naturally chubby physique, even all those hamsters who are not thought of unwanted fat, chubby, or obese.

Hamsters have cheek pouches that they shop foodstuff in, which make their cheeks search pretty spherical and chunky.

They also have all around a very spherical tummy or stomach in typical, which can make them in some cases glimpse like they have little buddha-like bellies, particularly when they are curled up, sitting down, or calm.

Even so, a usual excess weight hamster, when stretched out, will no lengthier have that big previous beer belly, it’ll vanish when the hamster stretches out their stomach.

There are a few other techniques to assist you make a decision whether or not you have an chubby hamster, and if you ought to be involved about it.

The typical syrian hamster, those hamsters you ordinarily see in pet merchants, weighs roughly 5 – 7 ounces, even though a compact or dwarf breed of hamster weighs close to .5 – 1.5 ounces.

How do you body weight your hamster with this sort of tiny figures? Uncomplicated!

Area your hamster on your kitchen scale. If you have to have to, you can gently position your hamster in a bowl following you tare the scale with the bowl to ‘zero‘, then positioning your rambunctious hamster in the bowl and weighing how significantly your hamster at the moment weighs.

When your hamster goes over these weights, you are wanting at an chubby furry buddy.

Your hamster in over weight and if they carry on in this trajectory, they will be viewed as fats and can even turn into obese.

An overweight or overweight hamster is just inquiring for overall health troubles – so it is very best to take care of the wellbeing problem prior to it gets a thing to significant to occur back again from.

The initial phase to rectify the circumstance is to figure out why your hamster is excess fat in the initially location.

Why Is My Hamster Extra fat?

There are a number of reasons why your hamster could be excess fat. In this article are the most common factors why you might have an over weight or obese hamster in your residence.

Substantial Caloric Food plan:

A hamster is a incredibly tiny minor mammal, so what they stick in their mouths counts… primarily when it will come to energy and vitamins.

If you have a excess fat hamster, verify to see what you are feeding them.

What form of nutrition is heading into their bodies and how numerous calories are they consuming when compared to how quite a few calories they are burning.

Excess weight attain and body weight reduction can be tracked working with very simple math, just like in individuals.

Much more energy eaten than burned off, then you see weight gain.

Far more calories burned than consumed, and you see bodyweight reduction.

One of the most important culprits leading to an obese rodent of any sort, is the calorie articles in their diet plan.

Lack of Workout:

Proper together with a calorie-loaded diet foremost to bodyweight obtain, a lack of workout can be to blame appropriate with it.

Workout is yet another way that your hamster can burn all those energy that they choose in in the course of having.

So even if your little furry pal eats a higher-calorie diet, if they burn up all those calories off with physical exercise, as extended as their food plan is also totally healthy for them, then that diet is entirely acceptable.

Having said that, if the hamster is not training and also consuming a whole lot of food items or a increased caloric diet program, then excess weight attain is virtually inevitable.

white fat cartoon hamster

Does My Hamster Need to have To Shed Weight?

If you would like to have the healthiest hamster that you can, then sure, taking your hamster from over weight or obese, to a ordinary wholesome weight, is what is heading to be ideal for them.

This excess weight loss ought to not be drastic, but taking it slowly and gradually will assistance maintain your pet much healthier for lengthier.

Now that we’ve decided that undertaking some thing about the excess weight get will only assist your small buddy out… let’s uncover out just how we need to do that, and do it safely.

How To Get a Body fat Hamster To Drop Excess weight:

There are a range of items that you can do as a pet father or mother at property to check out and assistance your hamster get rid of pounds.

I often recommend that you converse with your veterinarian right before you change up your pet’s food plan to make sure that nothing else is going on medically, and that the specific change in diet regime is nutritious for your hamster.

Diet plan Improve:

If you have a body fat hamster, the perpetrator just may well be their diet plan.

Check to see how substantially of their diet is manufactured up of higher-unwanted fat or high-carbohydrate or high-sugar contents. Glimpse for food items significant in nuts and seeds.

Or possibly, verify to see how a lot of treats you are feeding them for every working day. Even some fresh fruits are very substantial in organic sugars!

Appear into transforming your hamster’s diet regime with the help of your regional vet.

Make guaranteed that they have obtain to a well balanced diet so that they consume the appropriate vitamins and minerals like natural vitamins and minerals.

They can have fresh fruits and veggies, nuts and grains, and treats far too, but you must make absolutely sure that all foodstuff available to your pet is in moderation, and at the stop of the day, that their diet plan is entire and balanced for their minimal bodies to stay healthier.

If you maintain to this style of diet plan, in the proper everyday amounts, your pet will be much more likely to keep in a healthful fat assortment.

fat golden hamster from above eating out of food bowl

Exercising Routine:

Here are a handful of ideas of how you can aid your hamster enhance their physical exercise time:

  • physical exercise ball: permit them roam and investigate your dwelling when getting far more physical exercise. Keep track of your hamster whilst inside of the exercise ball at all moments.
  • hamster wheel: inserting a hamster wheel in your hamster’s cage is a person of the most straightforward means to aid rising exercise instances. Hamsters will operate for several hours in the wheel at times!
  • play for treats: you can produce an impediment training course or can enjoy a video game of come-and-get-it in which your hamsters reward for relocating about, is a easy, nutritious, low calorie and minimal sugar handle.
  • much larger cage to shift about: the larger the enclosure that your hamster lives in, the much more probable they will travel during their day. They are additional possible to get far more actions in for each working day with a lot more house to discover!


Hamsters are ordinarily built as chunky tiny furry mates.

However, if you suspect that your hamster is obese after weighing them, searching at the diet regime that you are feeding them, as effectively as the total of physical exercise that your hamster gets on a every day basis, will aid information you and your veterinarian as to how to assistance your pet reduce the important pounds they require to be healthy and happy once again.

Most of the time, a diet transform paired with an training program, is accurately what it will choose to jump get started your hamster’s excess weight reduction.

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