Easy Elementary Science Projects – Doing Tests With Yeast

In this easy elementary science project we are going to experiment with yeast. I wonder if you know what yeast is? Well, it is a type of fungus that lives on the skins of many fruits. A spoonful of yeast contains millions of little single-celled organisms (it is very simple organisms.) These organisms work like tiny factories to by taking sugar and making alcohol and carbon dioxide gas. This is the process that turns the mixture of grain and water into beer and the bubbles it produces are used to make bread light and fluffy. We are going to have a look at the conditions that are necessary for the yeast to grow.

This is one of our easy elementary science projects where adult supervision is vital as we are going to use hot water. Ask an adult to help you with the boiling of the water.

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Is Hair Ruining Your Life? KPL Hair Removal to the Rescue

Every woman wants beautiful hair on top of her head, but no one wants it growing from their legs or armpits. For most women, shaving is a daily battle that eats up lots of time in the morning. Drinking coffee or preparing breakfast for the kids would be a much better use of time in the morning, but unfortunately the females of the world are forced to spend that time with messy shaving cream, painful tweezers, and annoyingly loud shavers.

Well, at least that is how it used to be for women. Today, more and more women are going in for KPL hair removal so they can escape this time wasting process every morning. This treatment completely kills off the hair follicles under the skin so they simply stop producing new hairs. This is preferable to other temporary solutions such as using an epilator.

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Kids Science Project Idea – Green Eggs

This science project is unique as you will turn an egg green but how it happens is very interesting and a great demonstration experiment.

Things you will need for the science project.

  • An egg
  • Red cabbage
  • A pan
  • A pot
  • A bowl
  • Oil
  • A parent to help

You are going to make a green egg and cook it, but you will not be using any food coloring or anything green. Let us get to the experiment and we can discuss the results and hypothesis later.

Take the red cabbage and cut into slices as if you were making cole slaw. You will not need a great deal of cabbage. A cup or two should do the trick. Place the cabbage shreds into the pot and pour in a cup of water. If you are using more cabbage you may want a little more water. You do not need a lot. … Read more

Metaphors Gone Wild: Quarterbacks and Decisions

“If you’re a quarterback,” Tom Brady of the New England Patriots maintains, “you want everything on your shoulders. You want to be the one to make the decisions.” Quarterback or ordinary decision-maker, we have all felt the burden of decision making. The metaphoric football reaches touchdown status only through a combination of the right people, the right conditions, and the right decisions.

Emotion regarding some decision can get in the way of clear thinking. Just consider what Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach John McKay says about emotion: “Emotion is highly overrated in football. My wife Corky is emotional as hell but can’t play football worth a damn.”

A more analytical method–but not one overly dependent on numbers–may serve you well, whether you are making solo or team decisions.

Data alone should not be all we rely on when making important decisions. McKinsey and Company urges moving beyond … Read more

Cub Scout Songs and How to Teach Them

If you are going to lead a group in cub scout songs, the best advice for you is to have fun and get silly; in fact the sillier, the better! Cub scout age boys have more energy than anybody I know. They are just bursting at the seams. To get them to sit still long enough to get something done takes talent, patience and nerves of steel. It only there were some way to bottle that energy, we could make a fortune.

A good way to harness that energy is to get them moving. Just because they are singing doesn’t mean they have to sit still with their arms folded without moving a muscle. Here are a few good cub scout songs that should work for you:

  • My Bonnie: This is a good song to get the boys moving. Whenever you sing the letter “B”, you go back and forth
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