Dog Friendly Hockey Games – 2022/23 Season –

Looking for a new way to have fun with your pet? Then support your local minor league or college hockey team at a “Pucks and Paws” game where dogs are welcome!

Woman with dogs cheering at hockey game


Doing new things together is part of the fun of having pets. And not many pups can say they’ve seen a dog friendly hockey game!

After a little sniffing around, we discovered that a lot of minor league hockey teams across the country host dog friendly hockey games. So, we dug in and found 30 you can attend with your pup during the 2022-2023 season!

If you know of other dog friendly hockey games we missed, please let us know in the comments and we’ll add them to the list!

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Red Chow-Chow dog dreams of being at a dog friendly hockey game

Dog Friendly Hockey Games
2022-2023 Season


Erie, PA – Saturday, October 22, 2022 – The Otters host the Owen

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Ask Dr. Aziza: Why Your Dog Can’t Stop Itching and How to Relieve it

An itchy pet is a common
event in the vet clinic, but a number of matters could be triggering this
discomfort. Let’s take a closer glimpse at the major triggers of itching and how we
take care of it to give your doggy with some itch aid.

Explanation #1: Fleas

Fleas are a form of
parasite that can bring about intense itchiness and it’s the most popular bring about of
non-prevent itching. Some canine are additional delicate to fleas than some others, but all
are influenced to some diploma. Flea preventatives are the ideal way to protect
your pup from fleas and prevent the want for pet dog itch relief solutions.

After a flea infestation
has been diagnosed, it is also encouraged to treat your dwelling and property for
fleas to even more exterminate the flea inhabitants. Your veterinarian will
identify which flea product or service is best for your

Read more’s 10 Best Pet Friendly Road Trips for Fall

Fall is a spectacular time of the year, when Mother Nature sets off her fireworks and lights up the hills with color. It’s the perfect excuse to pack the car, buckle up your pup, and enjoy a few pet friendly road trips!

Roadway with colorful aspen trees on both sides


The opportunities for leaf-peeping abound all across the country! We’ve gathered our top 10 picks for pet friendly road trips where the fall foliage is the main attraction. Of course, it’s also fun to discover a new place all your own!

Dog Friendly Road Trips for Fall

Aspen, Colorado

Named for a tree, you can bet the city of Aspen won’t disappoint when it comes to fall foliage. In late September the Aspen forest turns brilliant yellow. Set against the evergreens and rugged mountain peaks, the effect is truly extraordinary.

Fall is also the perfect time of the year to enjoy the hush that settles over town just

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Finding the Perfect Name for Your Pet Store: Brainstorming Tips & Tricks

Your pet store’s title is vital for a number of reasons. It’s a person of the 1st issues consumers will detect about your organization, and it can aid you appeal to (or repel) specific styles of prospects. A great name can also make your pet store a lot more unforgettable and enable you build a powerful manufacturer id.

Brainstorming Recommendations for Identify of Your Pet Shop:

1. Come up with a list of keywords that explain your pet retail outlet.

What kind of animals do you market? Do you specialize in a certain style of pet? What form of environment do you want to produce? Produce down as several text and phrases that appear to intellect.

2. Brainstorm names primarily based on these key terms.

Try to be creative and consider outdoors the box. If you are possessing difficulties, consider wanting at other enterprises in your business for inspiration.


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80-Year-Old And Her Disabled Jack Russel Take An Annual 600 Mile Trek Via Horseback

I really do not know about you, but just hearing about a person earning a 600-mile undertaking by using horseback is now extremely amazing. But what if I advised you that not only does Jane Dochin make an annual expedition from England to Scotland with her beloved Jack Russel by her facet, but that she is 80 years youthful!

Though she may perhaps have difficulty looking at maps, it does not matter simply because she is familiar with the total route by heart.

Jane on horseback

When lots of people today image a human being in their eighties, nursing residences, wheelchairs, and walkers often cross their minds, not riding horses and solitary-handedly setting up tents. But Jane has been using the exact journey considering the fact that 1971 and has no intentions of stopping whenever soon.

She begins her once-a-year journey in her hometown of Hexam, Northumberland (northern England), and travels on

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