October 1, 2023

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Ask Dr. Aziza: Why Your Dog Can’t Stop Itching and How to Relieve it

Ask Dr. Aziza: Why Your Dog Can't Stop Itching and How to Relieve it

An itchy pet is a common
event in the vet clinic, but a number of matters could be triggering this
discomfort. Let’s take a closer glimpse at the major triggers of itching and how we
take care of it to give your doggy with some itch aid.

Explanation #1: Fleas

Fleas are a form of
parasite that can bring about intense itchiness and it’s the most popular bring about of
non-prevent itching. Some canine are additional delicate to fleas than some others, but all
are influenced to some diploma. Flea preventatives are the ideal way to protect
your pup from fleas and prevent the want for pet dog itch relief solutions.

After a flea infestation
has been diagnosed, it is also encouraged to treat your dwelling and property for
fleas to even more exterminate the flea inhabitants. Your veterinarian will
identify which flea product or service is best for your canine centered on its clinical
record, way of living, and ease of administration.

Beagle dog eating from a bowl indoors

Cause #2: Foodstuff allergy symptoms

Like people today, canines can be
allergic to meals. Contrary to common perception, most canines are allergic to the
protein source in meals, not grain. To identify which meals component(s) to
keep away from, it is recommended to perform a food stuff eating plan trial. This can be carried out in
a couple of techniques:

  • Novel protein eating plan trial: Pet homeowners compile a checklist of all food merchandise their pet has at any time been given to the finest of their knowledge, and feed a protein their pet has in no way gained. Ordinarily, pet dad and mom will use uncommon protein weight loss plans like rabbit, bison, or whitefish. Luckily, there are non-prescription meal plans, like Freshpet’s Vital Salmon & Ocean Whitefish recipe, that are quickly readily available.
  • Hypoallergenic
    eating plan trial:
    A hypoallergenic
    foods diet trial needs a pet to get a prescription hypoallergenic eating plan.
    In each occasions, pets can only get the diets authorized for the foods trial,
    such as treats, for about 4-12 weeks.

Want to learn extra about our novel protein possibilities? Get a search at our very best chicken-no cost doggy foods recipes.

Rationale #3: Environmental allergy symptoms

Canines can also be
influenced by environmental allergens. This includes equally seasonal and
non-seasonal allergens. If you suspect that your dog’s itching is prompted by
allergies, there are tests that help identify what precise allergens your dog
is allergic to as nicely as the severity of their allergy. Ideally, these tests
are performed by a veterinary dermatologist so your veterinarian may perhaps refer you
to one more clinic if there isn’t 1 readily available at the apply.

To support offer your pet
with some itch reduction, there are remedies that are extremely successful in
reducing the indicators of these allergic reactions and are designed for very long-phrase use.

Dog taking bath at home. Bathing of Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.

Reason #4: Mange

In addition to fleas,
there are other parasites, particularly mites, that result in itchiness in pet dogs and direct
to a host of secondary problems like:

  • Bacterial skin bacterial infections

This outcomes in a frequent
ailment identified as mange. To diagnose mange, your pet dog will bear a skin scrape
exam which can be carried out at most veterinary clinics. Luckily, there are
drugs that handle mites and present your pet dog with itch relief.

Motive #5: Toxin publicity

There are contaminants that
can lead to itching and discomfort to your dog’s skin. It can be induced by:

  • Frequent domestic cleaning goods
  • Vegetation, this kind of as poison ivy
  • Intensely scented merchandise, such as candles or air

Generally, call
allergy symptoms solve when the resource of publicity is eradicated from the pet’s
atmosphere. Remedies may perhaps be indicated to mend any skin lesions or supply
your doggy with itch aid, but normally are not necessary very long time period.

Minimal portrait of small Shi-Tsu dog lying on carpet in cozy home interior

In addition to these five explanations, some canine just the natural way have far more sensitive skin that is susceptible to itchiness. If your canine falls into this group, it can be a fantastic idea to change them to a diet regime that is designed especially for sensitive skin, these as Freshpet® Select Delicate Tummy & Skin recipe.

In normal, picking out a
diet program that contains new animal proteins will offer your pet dog with a lot more fatty
acids, which will in transform hold their coats nutritious and help prevent dry pores and skin!