Deciding On the Right Belt Material for You

A leather belt is able to offer one of the most widely used accessories for complementing a range of outfits, and can be equally effective whether used as a fashion item or just for its practical use of keeping the garments up. Even though the belts are mainly manufactured in cowhide, they are also widely offered in many other animal skins, like buffalo, shark, stingray, lizard, ostrich, and alligator. Irrespective of the material used for manufacturing the belt, one key aspect that is likely to be very common among the different types of belts is that the material is able to offer the ideal level of comfort and flexibility in use, while also providing the ability to support the pants in staying up.

Here are some of the main types of belt material:

Leather – even though there are a range of cheaper alternatives in the market, a leather belt … Read more

How to Get Rid of Mosquito Bite Scars

Summer is approaching and that is the season for good weather, baring our legs, barbeques and mosquito bites! Mosquito bites can make the good weather unbearable and the scars that are often left behind are even worse. Many of us have ignored the advice of not scratching mosquito bites (what else can you do to an itch?) and we have the mosquito bite scars to prove it.

This article will help give you tips on how to deal with insect bites to minimize the risk of scarring and will help you to find products that will fade old mosquito bite scars that have been bugging you for years.

To help reduce the chance of getting scarred when you get a mosquito bite, follow these tips to reduce swelling and irritation.

  • Rub aloe vera on the bites. Either fresh aloe vera directly from the inside of one of them stems on
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Why On Earth Would I Build A Bat House?

Why do you need a bat house? To shelter bats, of course. Contrary to popular belief, bats are very beneficial and “essential” to our ecosystems. There are over 1,100 different species of bats that consume huge amounts of insects, including mosquitoes. Some bats can consume as much as 1,000 insects in an hour. Certain other bats also pollinate plants, which is another crucial part of our ecosystem cycle. Even bat droppings, also called guano, is used as a natural fertilizer. Guano works every bit as good as cow patties for fertilizer.

Most people look upon bats as carriers of diseases such as rabies. There are very few cases each year of people being bitten by these creatures or contracting rabies from them. You would have a better chance at getting struck by lightning than being bitten by a bat. Unfortunately, because of so many misconceptions, humans tend to kill them … Read more

Green Anole Info & Care (Anolis carolinensis)

Standard Facts

Green anoles are the most normally witnessed of the anole lizards in captivity. They are on a regular basis exported from Florida and surrounding states. They are low-priced to acquire, but contradictory to popular perception are truly not great for a rookie. Inexperienced anole lizards are temperamental to their surroundings, and have to have the suitable temperature, humidity and environment to keep on being healthier. They are a small lived lizard, averaging close to 4 decades of age in captivity, nevertheless have been acknowledged to live for up to 10 yrs. Adult males are bigger than women, achieving close to 20cm, females only 15cm. Numerous people today phone these ‘Chameleon Lizards’, due to their means to improve color. On the other hand, not like chameleons they can’t actually transform their colour to match their surroundings. They will having said that, transform a darker green / brown when possibly … Read more

German Large Bearded Dragons Heritage Discussed

You may often listen to the phrase “German Large Bearded Dragons” when wanting for a credible breeder to acquire your new lizard from. These “giants” are from a selectively bred bloodline by German herpetologists, in which they concentrated generally on manufacturing very huge versions of the P. vitticeps species. Because of their dimension, descendants of this bloodline are remarkably sought just after in present-day pet trade. Nevertheless, there is some controversy as to whether or not any legitimate heirs continue to exist, producing those labeled and offered as this kind of, bogus.

Though American breeders have been concentrating on generating magnificent color morphs in the early times of captive beardie breeding, the Germans ended up active developing a “tremendous dragon” of sorts. There are two conflicting tales as to how this much larger version of the vitticeps was made. 1 tale claims that German herpetologists identified notably large P. vitticeps … Read more

Beneficial Program Checklist for Your Bearded Dragons Care Sheet

For the proper treatment of your reptiles a plan agenda can be adopted on a daily, weekly, month to month, bi-per year and once-a-year foundation. The subsequent is a bearded dragons care sheet, listing the essential capabilities to maintain your dragons pleased and wholesome.


• Feed your lizard and swap drinking water bowl with contemporary water

• Take away the feeding dishes and clean up them right after feeding

• Thoroughly clean the feeding location of any uneaten foodstuff

• Clear the substrate of any toilet or fecal matter

• Look at your dragon for any visible symptoms of illness or problems with pores and skin shedding

• Devote some time with your pet out of the enclosure


• Bath your bearded dragon

• Trim the reptile’s toenails

• Clear the enclosure completely, clean up all the objects like branches and rocks

• Clean up your cage surroundings … Read more