Ishasha Sector and the Tree Climbing Lions

Having been woken up at 0600 hours that my tea was outside the house my tent, I jumped out of mattress and sat on the canvas chair getting enjoyment in the early African gentle, eavesdropping to the river rush previous. Typically a little stream with sandy financial institutions, hippos and elephants crossing, experience an African contact! The river experienced now turned into whole flood after the deluge of rain a couple times ago. This was the rainy period. My bush shower had beforehand been elevated up so after savoring the early morning mild I went back into my tent for a rapid scorching shower prior to growing much more awake to go on a match generate in this re-identified Ishasha sector – famed for its tree climbing Lions.

After using a cup of espresso, we set off for a small generate to the best of the ridge to pay attention … Read more

Tick Borne West Nile Virus

Most people know that mosquitoes are carriers of the West Nile Virus, but many of us are unaware that ticks are also important contributors. Tick borne West Nile Virus is a serious cause for concern in North America. While mosquitoes remain the major contributors in the transmission of the disease, ticks have recently been discovered to play a significant role. Birds that carry the virus frequently become infested with ticks, which in turn become infected with the virus. Subsequently, the infected tick transmits the virus to other birds, creating an elevated level of infected birds. Mosquitoes that bite infected birds become carriers of tick borne West Nile Virus.

Symptoms of West Nile Virus
West Nile Virus and tick borne West Nile Virus are derived from the same viral string; therefore, their symptoms are the same. Many individuals who become infected with the virus exhibit from very mild to no symptoms … Read more

Rescuing Sex Trafficked Victims Is the Most Accurate Education

Some anti-human trafficking advocates have said that only 1 in 100 victims of human trafficking will ever be rescued. I don’t know how this was determined, but I honestly believe that this does not have to be the reality. In the past 9 months, 108 victims of sex trafficking in the United States have been rescued by the rescue shield teams of Bishop Outreach and partner organizations in conjunction with authorities. Lessons learned from those beginning rescues have been valuable and can only be enhanced if stakeholders are willing to work together. The outcome of collaboration between law enforcement and non-government organizations will only result in more rescues and more cases that go to trial. And we will see the 1 in 100 stat grow progressively in the next few years.

Sex Trafficking in the United States

With all of the awareness and education that has taken place in the … Read more

Writing Science Poetry

Science poetry or scientific poetry is a specialized poetic genre that makes use of science as its subject. Written by scientists and nonscientists, science poets are generally avid readers and appreciators of science and “science matters.” Science poetry may be found in anthologies, in collections, in science fiction magazines that sometimes include poetry, in other magazines and journals. Many science fiction magazines, including online magazines, such as Strange Horizons, often publish science fiction poetry, another form of science poetry. Of course science fiction poetry is a somewhat different genre. Online there is the Science Poetry Center for those interested in science poetry, and for those interested in science fiction poetry The Science Fiction Poetry Association. In addition, there’s Science Fiction Poetry Handbook and Ultimate Science Fiction Poetry Guide, all found online. Strange Horizons has published the science fiction poetry of Joanne Merriam, Gary Lehmann and Mike Allen.

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Tiger As a Man Eater in India

India is the home to the tiger. It has the largest concentration of Tiger population in the world. For centuries this beast has been part of folk lore. Presently this species has dwindled and a hundred thousand tigers of yester years have been reduced to a few thousand now. Waking up, the wild life foundation and the Indian government have declared it a protected species and created tiger reserves for the tiger to be able to live and thrive in its natural habitat. Next to the Lion the tiger out of the big cats inspires awe and respect. It’s a carnivorous beast which thrives on wild buck, deer and wild hog for its prey. A fully grown tiger is a menacing beast and if confronted or antagonized can be a formidable opponent.

Jim Corbett the famous hunter made the tiger a part of literature with his book “Man Eating Tiger … Read more