October 2, 2023

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Staffordshire Bull Terriers have been named the UK’s favourite dog breed

See where your favourite breed of dog came in the overall rankings as the UK voted for the best on the TeamDogs website

Staffordshire Bull Terrier's have been voted the UK's favourite breed
Staffordshire Bull Terrier’s have been voted the UK’s favourite breed

Over the past three weeks, TeamDogs teamed up with Pooch and Mutt in a bid to find the UK’s favourite dog breed, and it was Staffordshire Bull Terriers who took the top spot.

Lovers of 52 dog breeds have been fighting it out to have their favourite crowned as the best.

Staffies led the competition from the front since it launched on July 26.

You can see the full rankings on TeamDogs , where Staffies just pipped black Labradors to first place.

The competition started three weeks ago with 47 breeds. Each week, the bottom 10 breeds were put in “the dog house” and eliminated from the competition.

TeamDogs added breeds who voters felt deserved a place in the competition, taking the number up to 52. These were Dobermann, Samoyed, Great Dane, Bedlington Terrier and Akita.

However, none of these ultimately came close to knocking Staffies off the top spot.

The full top 10

  1. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

  2. Black Labrador

  3. Boxer

  4. Greyhound

  5. Border Collie

  6. German Shepherd

  7. Cockapoo

  8. Border Terrier

  9. Cocker Spaniel

  10. Jack Russell

Black Labradors, Boxers, Greyhounds and Border Collies all proved very popular.

Black Labradors were also very popular

Kelly-Lee Wilde, who was supporting Boxers, said: “They will always be winners in our eyes!”

As for the Staffies in first place, it came as no surprise to Suzanne Sargent, who previously spoke about the “love and loyalty” which runs through Staffie’s veins.

Suzanne rooted for their victory throughout the competition .

She explained how her Staffy, Lola, speaks to her like no other breed could: “When I kiss Lola on the head, say ‘I love you’ as I do, she responds with a couple of deep grunts which I believe is my beautiful little Staffie saying ‘I love you too’!”

Staffordshire Bull Terriers may have won, but the other breeds all have their loyal supporters.

Happy, surprised, or upset about the result?

Head over to TeamDogs where you can post pictures of your dogs and have your say.