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Worlds Over and above Weird Planet (Planet Reversal Past Episode With Dr. McGee) X

Worlds Over and above Weird Planet (Planet Reversal Past Episode With Dr. McGee) X
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When Dr. McGee remaining my office to look into a make any difference concerning Venus and Saturn, together with its moons, he left with me his memorandums on his exploration up to date on the problem he was putting together. Somehow I was not optimistic I might not see him once more in the flesh. I had no doubts he-as always-had learned anything, right after he had denoted some thing about hand-axes made of flint 700,000-many years in the past identified on a Norfolk beach front, a modern axe manufactured of basalt 49,000 several years aged, then referring to the to start with Sumerian King, A-lu-lim, 241,000 B.C., and the north and south poles staying reversed by earth’s magnetic invisible protect which seemingly took put 778,000-many years ago, he known as it: ‘Planet Reversal’ and then he went household, sat in chair, had heart assault and died. My previous Army friend, and scientific comrade, just like that. The funeral took put in Alabama yesterday, and his manuscript, or memos he remaining guiding for me to ponder on, a stage into the mysterious cloud-enwrapped earth earth, as it was potentially recognized to humanity or its inhabitants, for each in the vicinity of a million years in the past, details unattainable had he not still left them with me.

As I begun reading them in my business office today just after his funeral yesterday, a strange, outwardly unearthly entire world we had back in all those significantly-off times, and so now I shall enable Dr. McGee inform his very own story in his individual text as I read through the manuscript, but a several internet pages extended in its whole, to be his verbal scribe, the impersonality of my role being his explainer:

“They ended up darkish haired people known as ‘black-heads’ and spoke an agglutinative language, equivalent to the Ancient Turkish (Turanian). I do consider they came from yet another environment, perhaps Venus, Saturn, or one of their moons, or 1 of the lots of 4000-planets now found out by our interspace telescopes, browsing the galaxies, especial the a person hundred galaxies concealed guiding the Milky Way, with their a great number of photo voltaic units and planets:

“I discovered a map, procured it, it was a redrawn map from about the 15th Century, which was a replicate of a prior map I was informed of a more ancient kind. I traced the map again to King A-lu-lim, the initially identified Sumerian king, 241,000 B.C. His dynasty ruled 5 to 6 kingdoms, one particular remaining Antarctica. His location by itself lasted 28,800-decades, and his dynasty as I stated went again to, 241,000 B.C., thereafter onward. Right until the 2nd dynasty came into to perform 24,510-decades was its duration, and the 3 or four or 5 dynasties thereafter, probably long lasting 3000 to 3500-decades a piece. It is protected to say, the Sumerian race goes back again to possibly 300,000-several years or so, at which time, all through this period of time the map was at first made. And on the map, Antarctica was a luscious environmentally friendly landmass.

“Now we need to continue to keep an open intellect to this. A single thriller qualified prospects to one more, and items never get solved until one more unsolved mystery seems, and so King A-lu-lim whom I imagine had the map first created, and designed at a length higher than the earth, and prior to his coming to earth, most likely from some spacecraft, considering that it is a perspective overlooking the globe.

“To make the story more simple to have an understanding of I am abandoning any formal phrases in physics, or clutches, and consider to demonstrate how this all arrived about in additional or considerably less modest way, but I ought to presume the King and his astronauts came from some planet, I select Venus, while it extremely nicely could have been everywhere between the star planets. The King, perhaps the Captain of the spacecraft, was brave in his very own proper, hacking his way by means of area, be reluctant to leave any real details on his vacation about his trip, other than the map, acquiring to overthrow the identified entire world of hybrid humanoids. Even steering clear of to a particular diploma their existence, perhaps employing them for labor functions, when need to have be.

“Prior to the King’s arrival, about 778,000 B.C., another going on was in method, inside of earth, and exterior it, and all over it. Earth’s turbulent and invisible magnetic subject and protect, was using a reversal.

“As we know in earth’s molten main, right here fluid motions make this area, some 3000 km beneath our feet. In a swirling viewpoint of liquid iron, this is what tends to make a compass do what a compass is meant to do, and also creates the outcomes, as in the magnetism in rocks and ocean currents. As a outcome, we have this magnetic ‘bubble’ that safeguards us from place radiation, now weakening. Should it weaken excessively, north will turn into south and south, north! This quite matter was getting location 780,000 B.C., slowly but surely but definitely, most likely completed 250,000 B.C., which we can conclude Antarctica was eco-friendly prior to this, whereupon, the Sumerians in its initially eight kings, would have lived by way of this cycle transform, of the mass magnetic area thinning at its midriff and reversing alone, transforming the seasons in the south predominately and forever, or at the very least till now, as it is altering once all over again.

“This change intensity, can be viewed in the magnetic north, which is off more frequently than 400-miles any given day, and the geographical North, is never the very same as the magnetic north as we know, and perchance believe it ought to be. This all of program will take put in earth’s liquid movement inside of her east-west fluctuation move.

“Now back again to our dear Sumerian Kings, what transpired to their dynasties? For the outdated dynasties perished, and the lesser dynasties came into engage in, those that dominated for 3500-many years or so. By 70,000 B.C., the total procedure of earth’s reversal had taken location. And mainly because of this, a tragic event took spot, that for every close to vanished earth’s humanoids to extinction. And the Sumerians likewise, truly the review shows the drastic dip in humanity to about 5000-total, male, feminine, aged, youthful, children, and the entirety of humanoids and sub humanoids. Of them, probably forty-Sumerians survived, of which out of this, about 7600 B.C., the initially Dynasty of Erech came into existence. But what took put on the island of Sumatra, in Indonesia, and in the South China Sea spot, for the duration of an Ice Age, Toba, a volcano erupted a selection ‘8’, of a mega-colossal magnitude, the greatest volcanic eruption in historic periods. It blew 650 miles of vaporized rock into the air. Leaving a excellent portion of earth with six centimeters of ash, it cooled the earth by twenty degrees, and what was left of mankind, were simply just tiny bands of humans, hungry and scattered for 50,000-yrs. And the legacy of the Sumerian Kings.” Dr. B. G. McGee

#5237/ 5-11 & 12 2016