December 7, 2022

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Why You Should Customize Your Dog Insurance Plan

Why You Should Customize Your Dog Insurance Plan

Insurance is deeply personal, reflecting your health, your belongings, and how you protect yourself and your family. That’s why every insurance policy is developed with the individual in mind, and why you can’t just copy-paste policies at scale.

But when it comes to dog insurance, some owners seem to think that a one-size-fits-all solution makes sense across the board. Every dog is different, so why would you expect the same insurance plan to work for every pup on the planet? 

This line of thinking confirms what we knew all along: you need to customize your dog insurance plan to get the most cost-effective coverage possible. 

Let’s talk about the reasons why customization is key with dog insurance, and how to lock in a policy that suits the needs of both you and your beloved pup.

Unique Healthcare Needs

The most obvious reason why you need a custom dog insurance policy is based on the vastly different healthcare needs that each dog has. Just like humans of the same age and background, dogs that look and seem similar are never quite the same in terms of health.

Most health factors are hidden under the surface, whether it’s digestive or respiratory issues, allergies, joint problems, and more. Therefore, coverage needs will vary greatly based on these unseen conditions, which will determine how an insurance policy should be formulated.

Policies will also dictate which veterinarians and specialty services are available to your dog if needed, or if you just need the most basic care at the lowest possible cost. 

Different Doggie Lifestyles

While many health factors come down to chance, lifestyle is another story, and also something to consider when customizing a policy. The dog who exercises daily is bound to be more healthy than the couch potato pup, and insurance plans will reflect those differences in lifestyle.

On the further end of the spectrum are dogs who take things to the extreme with high-octane activity. We mean long-range hiking, frequent ocean swimming, hunting, and more. Since these dogs tend to be more prone to accidents, insurance coverage may need to be increased in turn.

It comes down to a matter of risk and reward with lifestyle, but in general, an active dog will tend to live a longer, healthier life with lower monthly premiums out of your pocket. 

Ages, Breeds, and More

Dogs behave and perform very differently based on factors like age, breed, and size. It shouldn’t be surprising that insurance policies reflect those differences, as certain risks come with every type of dog, regardless of lifestyle.

Larger dogs, for instance, are known for developing joint and skeletal problems as they age, which may result in surgery or medication. Smaller dogs may be more likely to have difficulties breathing and are more prone to obesity or certain digestive issues.

To protect your dog to the fullest, be sure to customize that insurance plan and make sure your provider will have you covered in a scenario of any kind.

Costs and Budgeting

It’s your responsibility as an owner to set aside enough cash each month to keep your dog healthy and happy. That means food, grooming, and yes, pet insurance. 

But depending on the factors we’ve discussed so far, that monthly premium will adjust, and you have some decisions to make as well. 

Do you prefer a lower payment each month, but face the possibility of a larger out-of-pocket cost when a coverage event is triggered? What about a deductible – can you cover a bigger one to save some money in the meantime? Are you okay with the bare minimum coverage for accidents and injuries, or does preventive “wellness” care matter more to you?

These are the types of risk/reward tradeoffs you need to make as an owner, and it takes some mental (and monetary) calculations to get everything in order. Don’t sweat too much though: you likely won’t spend more than $40 a month on dog insurance in most cases.

Providers You Can Trust

You wouldn’t want to visit a doctor’s office that’s too far away or doesn’t make you feel comfortable. The same thing goes for your furry friend, who deserves to go to a veterinarian that you both trust.

This is a factor of dog insurance that many owners overlook, unfortunately, so we urge you not to forget about it in your decision process. Don’t hesitate to visit more than one vet in your area and make sure they meet your standards before making a commitment.

From there, lock in an insurance plan that gives you access to that office without having to pay extra or jump through hoops. That’s an extra layer of assurance that’s worth the effort.

Get Your Custom Plan in Place Today

Customization is key in the world of insurance – pets included! Keep in mind all the points covered in this article so that you craft the perfect plan as soon as possible.