October 2, 2023

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The Importance Of Jaws of Life

The Importance Of Jaws of Life

“Jaws of Life” is a trademarked line of tools developed by Hurst Performance Company. These are sophisticated piston-rod hydraulic tools like spreaders, cutters and rams which are useful in freeing people trapped in wrecked vehicles. Every rescue worker and fire-fighter knows when and how to use the Jaws of Life. This innovative set of rescue tools has a lot of unique advantages over less effective, older and dangerous tools like axes, saws and crowbars.

Jaws of Life tools are ultimate for auto accident survivors who are trapped or stuck in the vehicles. The rescue tools that have two toothed mandibles with high accuracy and precision are bought in action not only during auto accidents but also during emergency extrication of survivors trapped in concrete debris after landslide, earthquake or other natural disasters. Jaws of Life are packed with amazing agility and strength due to their hydraulic mechanism.

The type of tools collectively called as Jaws of life are hydraulic cutters, spreaders and rams. Hydraulic cutters are designed to cut hard surfaces and metal, like fibreglass window and top of vehicle. Hydraulic spreaders with narrow tip can be inserted in the hole of motor vehicles to tear it apart and spread open for rescuing survivors stuck in the small place. Rams make use of more hydraulic fluid at the time of operation than spreaders and cutters combination, so it is imperative that the pump being used must have enough capacity for allowing the ram to reach full extension.

The Jaws of Life is also a part of fire-fighting equipment that a fire-fighter requires to carry since it helps in controlling and putting out a fire to rescue victims of fire. A hydrant wrench is also an extremely important tool as it is helpful for fire-fighters in opening the fire hydrant valves. Trained personnel can only operate Jaws of Life as they are high precision rescue tools that require prior training before practical on-site implementation.

The Jaws of Life equipment is unsophisticated hydraulic machinery because there are only few parts involved in making the devices work. It is very popular addition to fire-fighting and law enforcement agencies because of its life saving capabilities and creative design. These rescue tools always help you in saving your life if you are involved in a car accident. The Jaws of Life is extremely visual and widely recognized. These three words paint an accurate and vivid picture of a powerful metal mouth, like an alligator, cutting, prying and widening an automobile body.