Do Guinea Pigs Fart? – Vet Explains Pets

Guinea pigs make all types of bizarre noises. They can also develop numerous odors, and they are infamous for staying truly goofy animals. One particular issue that Dr. Jess has been given a lot of periods is, do guinea pigs fart? Read through on to locate out if any of those people silly noises or odd smells might be a guinea pig toot.

Guinea pigs do certainly fart. Passing gas is absolutely standard all over the day.

Just like human beings, guinea pigs have to have a way to release gases trapped inside of their digestive tract.

Considering the fact that the digestive tract has just two openings or means for air to get in and for air to go away, air have to come out….. you guessed it, as a fart.

As previously described, farting is a completely typical matter for a guinea pig to do. On the other

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Walter visits the vet for a check-up!

Walter has been sneezing and coughing a little bit lately, so I took him to the vet.

The Exotic Animal Hospital of Orlando will see both Fancy and Roof Rats, and Dr. Shuflita worked well with Walter.

At first, Walter wasn’t too happy to be in a strange place, and when she tried to wrap him in a blanket to examine him, he complained loudly and lept to us. But the doctor found that she could easily examine him while he was sitting happily on our shoulder, so this was not a problem. We even managed to weigh him (265 grams.)

Walter getting examined
Walter getting an exam

Fortunately, Walter’s lungs and heart sounded excellent, he had no abdominal masses or tenderness, no visible discharges and the breathing sounds through his nose also sounded pretty good. Her diagnosis was that he might have a minor upper respiratory infection and/or possibly allergies. It was

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Can Hamsters Eat Kale? – Vet Explains Pets

You are here because you want to know – can hamsters eat kale? Hamsters can have kale as a snack – but please read on as to 1. how much, 2. how often, and 3. how to prepare the kale before serving it to your hamster!

green kale leaves on white paper background

Hamsters are omnivores, eating both plant material and animal materials. 

In captivity, hamsters typically have a diet that consists of items such as hamster pellets, hay, grains and nuts, and fruits and vegetables, to name a few foods. 

No matter what you and your veterinarian decide is the best diet for your hamster, make sure that it is balanced for your hamsters lifestyle.

orange hamster peeking out of hamster cage

What Do Hamsters Typically Eat?

These little buddies eat an assortment of things to keep them healthy and happy.

  • High-quality hamster food and Timothy hay should be the main staples of their diet.
  • Up to about 10% of their
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Cat Unrecognizable After Vet Eliminates Fur so Matted It Was to Be Euthanized

A vet has shared a surprising movie of a cat protected in so significantly matted fur it was brought in to be euthanized.

The animal lover, referred to as The Vet Soapbox online, filmed a black-and-white moggy who appeared as if they hadn’t been brushed in yrs, with the pet showing up to wrestle to go all around.

The condition of her coat was so critical it was thought the cat was over and above support, as the vet explained in the movie, uploaded on Monday: “Brought to be euthanized.”

But fairly than placing the in any other case balanced cat down, the workforce received to operate seeking to help you save the animal’s existence, carefully taking away each tuft. She shared footage of the sedated cat remaining gently shaved, with the scales in the shot exhibiting a whopping a few lbs of fur taken out from the creature.


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Houston-spot rescue group, vet clinic crew up to aid doggy in need of surgical procedure

HOUSTON – A Houston-region rescue team is devoted to aiding canine in will need, specially golden retrievers.

On Thursday early morning, Angel, an 8-thirty day period older golden retriever puppy dog was receiving all set for a potentially lifestyle-altering procedure. The pup has a medical problem involving her bladder that Dr. Daniel Jardes with Gulf Coastline Veterinary Specialists in Houston explained can guide to a bacterial an infection if untreated.

“She leaks urine all the time mainly because the tube that normally takes urine down to her kidneys and her bladder go correct to her urethra,” reported the veterinarian.

Dr. Jardes prepared to execute surgical procedures on Angel, making use of a digital camera to see what is heading on with her urethra.

“Then, we’ll use a laser in get to open up that urethra again to its usual locale allowing her to dump urine into her bladder.”

Angel is

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