Pet Sitter Advice for Cats with Urinary Issues

If you have to leave your feline friend for a few days, it can be tricky enough to find a suitable cat sitter, but if your cat has urinary issues, it can be even more difficult. However, with the right instructions for the right caregiver, hopefully your time apart won’t be too stressful, for any of you.

Find a Qualified Caregiver

If your cat has urinary problems, your first choice for a pet sitter probably shouldn’t be a neighbor who comes in just to the fill the feed bowl twice a day. A live-in sitter may be a better choice so that your cat is properly supervised in case any health issues arise. A pet sitter who stays at your house is much more likely to notice a problem (and notice it faster) than someone checking in twice a day.

The level of experience and skills of a professional pet

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