Separation Anxiety and Dogs – How Do They Get It and How to Handle The Situation

Separation anxiety is a disorder when someone is afraid of losing or being away from a person or other figures. Separation anxiety is not only a disorder in human beings but also in dogs. Many dogs experience separation anxiety.

Separation anxiety in dogs happens when the dog who is overly attached to the owner is left alone on his own. Due to the stress of being left alone, they show destructive behaviours. Separation anxiety in dogs is a serious issue to be addressed.

Signs Your Dog Shows When They Have Separation Anxiety

When your dog has been left alone away from the person they are attached to or overly dependent upon they start showing distressed behaviours. They become hyperactive and show destructive behaviours. Many people regard this activity as the dog being mischievous but that really is not the case.

Image: Destructive behaviour due to separation anxiety
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