What Is A Puggle? (The Pug/Beagle Mix Everyone Wants)

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A puggle is the result of cross breeding a pug and a beagle.

Generally speaking, the puggle ends up being healthier than either of its parents as it has greater genetic diversity at play. Therefore, it’s a hardier, healthier, more long-lived dog.

When two dog breeds are crossed, they each add their own physical and temperamental characteristics to their offspring in varying degrees.

This means that not all puggles look the same or even behave the same way.

What Is A Puggle

In this article, we’ll explore what puggles look like, how they behave, their care requirements, common health issues, and what you can expect of them in your home in an effort to help you figure out if the puggle is the dog for you.

Overview Of The Main Characteristics Of The Puggle


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