A Winter Survival Guide For Pets

While some pets enjoy living in a winter wonderland, other pets can suffer the same winter woes as people. From dry skin to finding ways to keep warm to packing on a little “winter weight,” some pets can use help to make sure they stay healthy and safe during winter. So we’ve created a winter survival guide for cats and dogs (and their pet parents).

Managing Dry Skin and Protecting Paws

The low-humidity, bone-chilling air of winter can be just as harsh on your pet’s skin as it is on yours. Thick fur and thickened paw pads give pets some protection against winter’s wrath, but winter can still be tough on your pet’s skin. Common winter skin issues include sore paws, dry skin and dandruff.

Snow and ice can collect between your pet’s toes and paw pads, so it’s helpful to keep your pet’s nails and the hair between their

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Austin Pets Alive! | We Need Your Help Ending Needless Euthansia!
Sep 27, 2022

It’s so crucial to me to give each individual susceptible animal the opportunity at everyday living they deserve. That is why APA!’s No Eliminate mission is at the coronary heart of every little thing I do, even at dwelling. When my individual pup Echo arrived to APA! through Hurricane Harvey, she and her brother had distemper, a risky virus with symptoms like tremors, lethargy, and fever.

Echo’s brother sadly handed away shortly immediately after arriving at APA!, but
Echo has been by my aspect ever considering that. If Echo had stayed considerably more time in
an additional town without having the assets to give her the spherical-the-clock treatment
and mobility support she required, she may well not have developed up into the
talkative companion she is right now. Useless euthanasia is still an unlucky actuality for pets like Echo in towns that have not adopted No Kill

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How Digital Technology Helps Keep Your Pets Safe Anywhere

The role of animals in our lives has changed dramatically. Since wolves were first domesticated by humans, cats and dogs soon became a huge part of people’s daily lives, with dogs becoming inseparable from humans. 

Today, pets are considered by people as part of the family and are treated as such. They are given toys, specialty food, beds, accessories, and lately, even their own special devices. 

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Technology is integral to our lives, and with the Internet, everything is now connected. People can access their emails through watches, control their lights and devices through their phones, and shop at the touch of a button. 

Digital technology can also help introduce businesses to the public and gain visibility on digital platforms through the help of Melbourne

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A couple weeks ago, Dallas Pets Alive! along with 10 local non-profit organizations and our corporate sponsor, CUDDLY, collaborated with a goal of distributing 30,000 pounds of pet food, supplies and other services to those in need. CUDDLY’s inaugural community event, Dallas Pets Are Family, brought together local organizations for a day of lifesaving impact. The event, held June 4th, not only met, but exceeded our goals, and plans are already underway for the next event – much to the relief and excitement of clients and community members.

  • 311 dogs and their families served
  • 202 cats and their families served
  • 354 vaccines and 91 microchips given
  • 100 spay/neuter vouchers given
  • 42,000 pounds of pet food distributed
  • $20,700 product donations
  • 788 items donated by the public
  • 59 generous donors plus 1 corporate giver
  • Participants from 11 organizations

I’m also proud to share that because of you, in just a few months,

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Animal Skin and Allergy Clinic | Top Allergies in Pets this Summer
Dog sneezing.

Summertime brings out a special kind of excitement every year. With beautiful trees budding, flowers blossoming, and long, warm sunsets, summer truly makes its mark. However, along with this amazing mosaic comes a plethora of possible allergens. You have probably seen pollen floating in the air in the summer, some days thick as fog. Perhaps you suffer from seasonal allergies and know that they can become much worse in the heat. 

The veterinary team at Animal Skin and Allergy Clinic points out that you cannot forget your pet when it comes to seasonal allergies. Not only are there various types of pollens floating around from summer plants, but there are stinging creatures thriving in the summer that can cause an allergic reaction in your pet. We offer pet allergy testing to determine the cause and develop treatment plans to alleviate discomfort. The good news is that summer seasonal allergies can

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Austin Pets Alive! | Pancake
Nov 17, 2022

This is a story about a kitty cat who went on the lamb and is now back in our care, after taunting the staff and volunteers of APA! for over a year! We applaud her efforts, but it is time to get this little lady some medical attention.

When Pancake first arrived at APA!’s main facility, she was clearly pretty scared, making her a flight risk candidate. Fly, she did. Luckily, she stuck around campus, making appearances. For months, the staff and volunteers reported “Pancake sightings.” We even attempted several strategized opportunities to get her back into our hands, with the biggest goal of getting her spayed. We have several “community cats” hanging around our facility – our very own barn cats! We care about this population and want to make sure they receive necessary medical attention so that everyone stays safe and can live a healthy

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