Overtired Puppy: What Is Overtiredness and 9 Ways To Help

Your puppy is cranky, rebellious, and slightly wild… and you’re wondering if your puppy is overtired.


It really does sound like it could be the case. Too-tired puppies turn from being these cute little balls of fluff into a tiny terror with teeth – and they’re rotten to live with.

The temptation is that a young dog needs a lot of exercise when this happens, as that might be your tactic with an adult dog! But it may not be the best way with your puppy.

The good news is that it’s quite easy to fix.

By my experience? One of the reasons puppies become wild dogs, is because they’re overtired.

Tired Vs Overtired

What’s the difference between tired and too tired?


Think of kids! I know I used to do it (and you probably did too right?) I would get overtired when it went past bedtime and

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