Lucifer’s Story – Shed Happens

If you have been next Drop Comes about for a although, then you know that we welcomed a new family members member in July 2021. This sweet, snuggly minimal guy has been an awesome addition to our “pack”. But his lifestyle has not constantly been easy.

I don’t typically share own posts on in this article. Not that I am against them, it’s just not what I have created this blog to be.

On the other hand, I believe that Lucifer’s tale demands to be explained to.

There are numerous myths out there about rescue pets. They are generally referred to as ‘damaged’ or ‘undesirable’ by no fault of their personal. People today speak about them like they are someway ‘less than’ purebred pet dogs because they don’t have a pedigree.  

(Observe: I am not versus ethical and accountable breeding. What I am against is the backyard breeders and

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