Injured City Kitten Is Now Safe in Our Hands

Terrified and hiding under a New York City bus with a severely damaged left eye, Granola barely made it out of the perilous situation he was in. Fortunately, the tiny, five-week-old kitten was found by our rescue partner, Manhattan Animal Care Center, who contacted us because they knew we would provide Granola with the care he needed.

“When Granola arrived, he was in very poor condition, weighing only 1 ½ pounds, dehydrated, with a ruptured eyeball requiring enucleation,” said Dr. Gerard Laheney, Animal League America Senior Veterinarian. It is a condition that we are experienced in treating. Dr. Laheney explained that this issue is typically caused by a simple viral infection or conjunctivitis that was left untreated. As the feline’s eyes become dry and irritated, they rub them to clean away the discharge, which causes more swelling and irritation. A vicious cycle of pain and swelling ensues. Once the eye

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