How to Stop Dogs From Roughhousing Indoors

I would love to stop my dogs from roughhousing indoors.

I have a weimaraner and a yellow Labrador. They are both very playful dogs who get bursts of energy several times per day!

We don’t have a yard, so I try my best to give my dogs the exercise they need. 

We go for several leashed walks and runs each week. I give them some off-leash time on trails, and we compete in dog agility.

Still, I usually fail to provide my dogs with enough exercise on a weekly basis.

So they do a bit of “roughhousing” or wrestling in the house. Usually in the morning when they get up and again when they get the evening “zoomies.”

Should I let my two dogs roughhouse?

Roughhousing or play fighting indoors is normal dog behavior. It’s not a bad thing!

Play fighting is healthy for social dogs as long as all

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