How Digital Technology Helps Keep Your Pets Safe Anywhere

The role of animals in our lives has changed dramatically. Since wolves were first domesticated by humans, cats and dogs soon became a huge part of people’s daily lives, with dogs becoming inseparable from humans. 

Today, pets are considered by people as part of the family and are treated as such. They are given toys, specialty food, beds, accessories, and lately, even their own special devices. 

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Technology is integral to our lives, and with the Internet, everything is now connected. People can access their emails through watches, control their lights and devices through their phones, and shop at the touch of a button. 

Digital technology can also help introduce businesses to the public and gain visibility on digital platforms through the help of Melbourne

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Neighborhood org Dallas Pets Alive! helps dogs find foster and forever families



Five months ago, Shelby Sue was a scrawny, starving mutt lying in an alleyway. She’d contracted heart worms and been hit by a car, leaving her with huge scabs and scars all over her body, and leaving her without the energy to walk. It was in the alley that Dallas Animal Services found her. 

With the shelter’s space often hitting critical status since the beginning of COVID, Dallas Pets Alive! Founder and Executive Director Leslie Sans picked up the dog herself to foster until she could find a permanent home. Now, Shelby Sue is 40 pounds heavier and happily looking for her forever family. 

“We had to try everything to give her that second chance because no animal should die in that state,” Sans says. “And that’s DPA. We save the ones that are on their very last notes and their last chance, and Shelby Sue is a shining example

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