What Nutrients Do Goats Need?

Goats have been bred for centuries for their milk, hair, meat and skins. They are hardy animals who can survive on relatively poor vegetation and scrubland. However, the more nutritious food your goat has access to, the healthier and more productive they will be. 

Goats are very friendly and curious animals, who are usually comfortable around people, and make great pets. They are herd animals, so keep them in groups of at least two.

A large garden or paddock is essential to provide enough room for them to roam and graze. It should be securely fenced, as goats are adept at exploring, and can be quite crafty when it comes to opening gates and undoing bolts!

They also have a tendency to nibble away at whatever takes their fancy, even if it is not good for them. Certain plants and trees are poisonous to goats, including rhododendron, yew, deadly nightshade,

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