Study Finds People With High Emotional Reactivity Are Typically Drawn To Cats

If a cat owns you, you know felines can calm stress and bring tranquility to the people who love them. One recent study concentrates on this power, revealing people with high emotional drives tend to be drawn to cats, and these strong feelers would better benefit from their inclusion in animal therapy programs.

In the journal Anthrozoös, the study points out that most of these “Pet Your Stress Away” events only include dogs. Researchers found those with high emotionality expressed interest in attending animal assistance therapy if cats were included. The study also concluded a greater number of people could be reached by adding cats to these stress-release events. And helping more people find better mental health is always a win.

Emotions and Cats Seem to Mix

When lead author Joni Delanoeije of the Belgian university KU Leuven and co-author Patricia Pendry, a professor at Washington State University’s

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Cornell Veterinary Medicine study finds new links between dogs’ smell and vision

Researchers at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine have provided the first documentation that dogs’ sense of smell is integrated with their vision and other unique parts of the brain, shedding new light on how dogs experience and navigate the world.

“We’ve never seen this connection between the nose and the occipital lobe, functionally the visual cortex in dogs, in any species,” said Dr. Pip Johnson, assistant professor of clinical sciences and senior author of “Extensive Connections of the Canine Olfactory Pathway Revealed by Tractography and Dissection.”

This is an image as part of study of a dog's vision and smell.

Sagittal brain image generated using TrackVis software. Courtesy of Dr. Pip Johnson/Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. Copyright: CVM Marketing and Communications

“When we walk into a room, we primarily use our vision to work out where the door is, who’s in the room, where the table is,” she said. “Whereas in dogs, this study shows that olfaction is

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Blue-eyed Boston terrier, runt of litter, finds household soon after ‘no a single desired her’

When Tess Nolan, a veterinary nurse in Australia, fulfilled a Boston terrier with blue eyes who was obtaining problems finding an proprietor, she made the decision to welcome the lovable puppy into her family members.

Daphne, who has been by Nolan’s side since March 2020, is now a social media star following her proprietor shared her story and their adventures in excess of the past yr.

“I adopted Daphne mainly because no a person required her,” Nolan wrote on a TikTok video that now has extra than 9,000 likes.

Boston terriers generally have brown eyes, which will make Daphne all the much more exclusive.Courtesy Tess Nolan

In the movie, Daphne is resting on white sheets with her tongue hanging out and her piercing blue eyes searching at the camera.

“Men and women thought she was weird mainly because of her blue eyes. They believed she would have wellness challenges

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Puppy With Weird Blue Eyes Finds New Operator After No A single Required Her

A veterinary nurse has posted a movie on TikTok showing how the undesirable doggy she adopted is thriving.

Tess Nolan shared a clip of the sweet pup, a Boston terrier who has black and white fur and milky blue eyes, to her account @tessvetnurse on June 30.

The footage is overlaid with text that reads: “I adopted Daphne for the reason that no 1 wished her.

“Men and women believed she was weird mainly because of her blue eyes. They nevertheless she would have health and fitness problems or she would go blind.”

The video, which can be viewed here, then cuts to Daphne lying on a bed, nuzzling the white sheets.

The overlaid text carries on: “She is correctly healthful and the sweetest puppy I’ve at any time met.”

The heartwarming movie has so much been viewed much more than 55,600 situations and garnered about 8,300 likes.

Hundreds of

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Dogs can ‘effortlessly’ learn names of their toys, study finds

Dogs can ‘effortlessly’ learn the names of their toys, a new study finds – but most likely if they’re a Border Collie. 

In a sample of 40 dogs, seven were able to learn the names of their toys – like Turtle, Squirrel and Mickey Mouse – after three months of training. 

Amazingly, one of the dogs, a Border Collie, was able to recognise the names of a whopping 37 toys. 

But the ability to learn toy names is relatively rare in dogs, and only apparent in a number of ‘gifted’ individuals, the study authors say. 

Six of the 40 dogs that were adept at learning toy names had prior training, meaning only one of the remaining 34 dogs – about 3 per cent – was able to learn the skill from scratch during the study period. 

Researchers also found that both puppies and mature dogs had the ability to learn

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Cruel, Phony Animal Rescue Videos Continue to Prevelant on YouTube, Report Finds

The intercontinental animal welfare non-financial gain, Planet Animal Security, introduced a new investigation highlighting the rise of staged animal ‘rescue’ films on YouTube.

Due to the fact 2005, YouTube has grown exponentially. Each and every minute, 500 hrs of video are uploaded to the system, in accordance to National Geographic. With the sheer volume of information, it takes 10,000 people and device mastering to moderate the web-site.

Animal legal rights activists at the World Animal Safety are pleading for YouTube to far more carefully keep track of fake animal rescue movies. These video clips usually exhibit harmless prey these kinds of as a hen or a cat, currently being attacked by a bigger predator, like a snake or crocodile, according to News Wire.

“Just when you feel you’ve listened to it all, human beings believe of a different way to be cruel to animals. Social media giants like

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