Equine Expert’s Personal Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

Editor’s Note: In place of our guest interview, we decided to post Monty Roberts’ moving tribute to Queen Elizabeth II’s global impact on the non-violent training of horses worldwide. Monty, thank you for sharing your story. 


by Monty Roberts – reposted with permission

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Left: Queen Consort Camilla, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and Monty Roberts following a demonstration session | Photo: MontyRoberts.com

The death of Queen Elizabeth II, September 8, 2022, encouraged me to collectivize my thoughts on my life. Born in 1935, I was the son of a father who believed violence was the answer to raising a child. The CAT Scan and the MRI in the 1981 revealed a massive number of fractures which were identified as happening prior to the age of puberty.

While there was much violence in my life, I was fortunate to grow up in the presence of horses.

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