Fighting for freedom: Remembrance Day in Canada
Remembrance Day: Honouring military members and their loved ones on this day of reflection

Remembrance Working day: Honouring military services members and their liked ones on this day of reflection 

Right now is Remembrance Working day and Paws For Response extends sincere thanks to just about every and every man or woman (and animal!) who fought, died, sacrificed, and proceeds to sacrifice for the liberty of this great country. Independence is a term that has been appropriated differently in the past couple a long time. Legal rights and privileges have been confused and interchanged. Our liberty is a privilege specified to us and shielded by associates of the Canadian navy. Blood, sweat, tears, and lives secured this privilege. It is vital that we you should not allow politics and conspiracy theories to devalue this and detract from individuals who are genuine flexibility fighters.

We also recognize the sacrifice created by the family and loved ones of service customers. These men and women could

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