Wild About Wildlife Month: Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre needs a helping wing with HPAI
Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre needs a helping wing with HPAI

Wild Wednesday: Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre shares what you need to know about bird flu and how they are coping

This year my conversation about conservation with the Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre (OVWBCC) team flew me in a different direction. Wildlife rescue is serious business. It’s even more so when navigating a contagious viral infection like H5N1 highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI), more commonly referred to as avian flu or ‘bird flu.’

It’s difficult to provide care to animals with infections diseases. The prognosis can be worse and risks increase for other animals in the facility and in some cases, humans too. Imagine the patient who tested positive and can’t talk- only tweet! And I’m not talking about Twitter. That’s the challenge the OVWBCC is facing right now. 

I connected with Patty McLaughlin, OVWBCC Education Program Manager, and Sandra Sawers, OVWBCC Executive Director to learn

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Can my Bird Qualify as an Emotional Support Animal?

When most individuals suppose services or psychological guidance animal creatures, they suppose tykes or pussycats. Tykes are the most frequent support creatures considering the fact that they’re largely tutored to satisfy a undertaking for an impaired individual. It’s important to distinguish concerning support creatures and emotional support creatures. Because service creatures( tykes and atomic nags) are not faves, they are granted new civil protections.

Assistance creatures do conditioning that their disabled humans are unfit to take about. Service creatures need to be permitted to follow their instructors anyplace the normal public is permitted. Emotional assist creatures really don’t want any qualified coaching or instrument to give remedial backing to their people.

Since emotional support creatures are not coated by the ADA, they really don’t have the same legal rights as support creatures. Emotional help creatures, on the other hand, are defended below the Truthful Housing Act. Although service creatures are

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