How to Find a Dog Trainer or Behaviorist You Can Trust

So, you’ve adopted a new dog. Congratulations! As exciting as this time is, now the real work begins. If you want to raise a dog that is well-behaved and well-adjusted, it’s time to start focusing on how you are going to train and socialize your dog. For many, especially those dealing with specific training-related concerns, this means that it’s time to find a dog trainer or behaviourist in your area.

The hard truth is that dog trainers aren’t strictly regulated. Anyone can make a website and claim to be a professional. Before you run to Google “dog trainer near me”, there are a few red flags that you need to look out for.

Working with a questionable dog trainer is not only going to fail to give you the results that you want, but it can also set your dog back considerably. It can even cause significant problems for you

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