How to Train an Aggressive Puppy

Aggression in a puppy is something that causes pet parents to worry, understandably so!


Afterall, it’s not what you’ve imagined, is it? When you, as a new pet parents bring home their puppy for the first time, you likely imagine playtimes in the backyard, trips to the dog park, and all the fun memories you’ll make with your new furry friend. 

Because of this, seeing your puppy growl or lunge, whether at you or another dog, can be a big—often scary—surprise. 

But it’s important to take a breather and look at puppy behaviour and figure out if this is truly aggression or aggressive behaviour. Still it’s something you’ll want to figure out and remedy as soon as possible, it being tackled right away makes it so much easier to live with your puppy throughout their future with you!

Before you label your puppy aggressive, read on to learn how

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