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Putting Lipstick on Your Penis – There is More to Penis Enlargement Than the Color You Apply

Putting Lipstick on Your Penis – There is More to Penis Enlargement Than the Color You Apply
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“Putting Lipstick on a Pig” is a condescending expression which reflects that no matter how you try to spruce up a pig and make him look more that what he is, in the end, a pig is still a pig.

Penis Enlargement is the same way. Many men who go about embarking on their enlargement journey feel that by increasing their size, that this is all that is really required and needed to become a sexual Adonis and get a deluge of women beating down his bedroom door to share his bed.

This isn’t the case. While some people are wholly superficial, most of us normal people do have some deeper underlying ethical and character qualities. Women especially. If you use your enlarged penis as bait to reel in the fish, you still need to be a man of character to keep that fish in your sexual pond.

That’s the point of putting lipstick on your penis. Sure, enhancing your size isn’t such a difficult task. Trust me, hundreds of thousands of men can attest to enlarging their male organs. However, if you do enlarge your penis, you must also enlarge your personality, gentlemanly qualities, and character to go with it. By doing so, not only will you be able to attract the girl-next-door of your dreams, but you’ll have the “Right Stuff” to keep her around.

One great way to instill such ideas in your unconscious/conscious is to focus on the right reasons during your enlargement exercises. Not only should you visualize yourself growing in size as you work toward your goals, but you should also focus on building your character at the same time. By doing this you will also enhance your personality, as well as your size. Realize that by enlarging your penis that your magnified personality will be any even more beneficial and attractive facet of your being. Because the sexual organs are being manipulated during the enlargement process, such “anchors” seem to have deeper and more longer-lasting meaning to our psyches than just normal activities or normal exercising. By utilizing your exercises to also grow your qualities as a man, you should have no need for any color of lipstick when you are finished…

After All, Real Men Don’t Wear Lipstick.

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