October 2, 2022

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Pensioner left shaking after pet terrier was mauled to death by two dogs in front of him

Raymond Martin was walking his Yorkshire Terrier Champ to a local shop when the pair were attacked by two bigger dogs, leaving the pup with severe injuries

Champ was mauled by two large dogs whilst on a walk with owner, 74-year-old Raymond Martin

A family has been left heartbroken after their beloved family dog was mauled by two other dogs, suffering injuries so severe he had to be put to sleep.

Three-year-old Yorkshire Terrier Champ was attacked by two large dogs while out on a walk with his owner, Raymond Martin.

The 74-year-old was walking his dog to a nearby shop, in Grimsby on Wednesday when the larger dogs escaped out of the front door of a nearby property and attacked Champ.

He was rushed to the Blue Cross, but vets were forced to put him to sleep due to the severity of his injuries, Raymond told Grimsby Live.

Speaking of the traumatic incident, Raymond’s son Shaun, 50, said his dad hadn’t seen the dogs coming, so hadn’t had time to pick Champ up as the other dogs bolted toward him.

Champ was taken to the Blue Cross but sadly had to be put down


Grimsby Telegraph / MEN Media)

“They started savaging Champ, ripping his jaw, testicles and leaving a large gash down the side of his stomach,” Shaun said.

“My father brought him home as he was still alive after the attack, but sadly he had taken too much damage.

“After the attack, the other two dogs dispersed and ran back to where they came from.”

Shaun said his parents were “absolutely distraught” with what had happened.

Raymond Martin is a Grimsby local


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“My father had a stroke 11 years ago and he is still recovering now,” he said.

“Walking Champ was the only way he got out of the house.

“We gave the dog to my mum and dad as a way of therapy, they’ve only had him two years and we’re all totally gutted by the situation.

Shaun said his kids also used to adore Champ, who was a good playmate to Raymond’s grandchildren.

“He was quite popular in the area as well as a lot of the school children used to know of him, I think they’ll miss him a lot too,” he said.

Raymond said he felt “dreadful” and was still shaking after the ordeal.

Raymond is devastated by the loss of his beloved pet


Grimsby Telegraph / MEN Media)

“I’m also bleeding from my thumb which I think was caused by the dogs

as I was holding Champ when they attacked him,” he said.

“It’s absolutely disgusting. All of a sudden these dogs came out of nowhere and went for him.

“I’m shaking like hell because of it and I’m not well in myself at all.

Raymond was now concerned about the safety of the streets, though this was second to his sadness over the loss of Champ.

“The worst part is we’ve lost him, that’s it.”