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Other Alternative Ideas for Pet Carriers

Other Alternative Ideas for Pet Carriers
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If you find it too expensive to purchase pet carriers for your dog, then start browsing within your house for possible items that can be used as a dog carrier. Just be creative enough to make it look more fashionable. Make sure that your dog will feel comfortable as you carry them with you. Make sure also that the carrier you made for your dog is easier for you to carry.

For small dogs you can use an old or used large purse as a small dog carrier. Cut some holes on the purse for your dog to breathe in. If it is plain looking you could add up and sew accessories i.e. beads and ribbons or any craft materials on the purse.

In addition, make sure that the small dog carrier you made is fit enough for your dog to be comfortable. It should have enough space for them to move around. If the purse does not have a zipper then sews one on it. This will ensure that your dog does not jump off or try to make its way out as you carry them around.

If you have a wicker basket at home, it can be recycled and used as a dog carrier. If it does not come with a handle then make one and attached it on both ends of the basket. Secure a top cover on the basket also. Use a soft fabric and sew it on the basket. Only cover half of the basket while leave the other half open. This will ensure that your dog could breathe in and not suffocate.

You can also use an old duffel bag as a pet carrier for your dog. Cut the three sides (one longer side and two of the shorter sides) of the duffel bag and replace it with a mosquito net to ensure breathing space for your dog. Sew the mosquito net securely so that it will not be ripped apart by your dog.

Recycling old bags or baskets to be used as pet carrier is really a great way of saving money. If you do not have available craft items to accessorize your bags or baskets, you could always purchase this in your local department store. It does not cost much.