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Noseeums: Homeoprophylaxis and Treatment

Noseeums: Homeoprophylaxis and Treatment

Noseeums, also known as midgies, sandflies and punkies, are tiny red bugs that thrive in damp environments which also promote mosquitoes. Like mosquitoes, they are blood-sucking insects, but are barely visible biting flies, hence the common term “no-see-um.” Members of the Ceratopogonidae family, they leave behind small red welts or water-filled blisters that itch. Once scratched, they break open and bleed. For most people and animals these insects are pesky but not dangerous. Some have allergic reactions to the bites. They can infect ruminants such as sheep, goats, bison and deer with the Bluetongue virus, a non-zoonotic disease, i.e not known to spread to humans.

Homeopathic remedies such as Staphysagria, Ledum palustre, Grindelia robusta, Cedron and Urtica urens may be used to reduce the frequency and severity of bites from blood-sucking insects such as noseeums. They are non-toxic and do not interact with medications or other preventative topical applications.

Staphysagria: For inflammation that is the result of an insect bite. It can range from redness and swelling to ulcers with green or yellow pus, hives, or scabby sores with water oozing from underneath. Staphysagria has been known since ancient Greece as the “vermin exterminator.” Taken homeopathically, it sends the message to blood-sucking insects such as mosquitoes and noseeums that “biting this one could be dangerous,” so they may land but then take off again without biting. In the 1960s H.L. Trexler proved this in a study which determined it to be 90% effective at preventing mosquito bites.

Ledum palustre: For puncture wounds from any insect or object, often causing marked discoloration lasting long afterwards. Swelling, itching, inflammation, red spots and rash; poison ivy-like blisters. Anti-tetanus properties are a bonus of this remedy.

Grindelia robusta: For bites of insects causing itching and burning. Eruptions may be vesicular and/or papular. Can also be effective for poison oak or herpetic eruptions and for ulcers with swollen, purplish skin.

Cedron: For affectations of the nerves occurring at exact periods is the most marked feature of this remedy. It antidotes the effect of snake bites as well as the stings of insects. There can be trembling and numbness of the whole body. Useful in intermittent fever in damp, warm, marshy areas.

Urtica urens: For itching, burning, raised, red blotches. Also for nettle rash which gets worse every year in the same season. Prickly heat. Elevated hives with rheumatism. Water-filled blisters that itch.