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Modjadji Princess – The True Tigers Of Karma

Modjadji Princess – The True Tigers Of Karma
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This story takes ideas that would normally seem impossible and outstanding and ushers it into the realm of the possible.

A federal republic in southern Asia, forming a sub continent in the South of the Himalayan Mountains, with the Arabian sea to the west and the bay of Bengal. To the west is India Madaya Pradesh. A prime territory area where the meadow has a constant supply of freshly chilled clear water.

Over the years, it was known to be the habitat in territories of the Tigers. The tribe called the Mohawks lived in the centre of the park known as Karma meaning Fate and destiny. Their village was in the heart of prime predators habitat.

They keep a close count on tigers. They respected and honoured this wild beautiful animal. The Mohawks had great beliefs in the Modjadji Queen who ruled in the 1930 It was said the queen was immortal and possesses great powers.

One early evening the tribe left the village for hunting. They wander far and deep into the forest and will not return to the village until each operate hunts and catch prey.

They heard the alarm of the monkeys, which gave the warning that a predator is in the prowl. When the wild monkeys call out in that manner the reason is that a prowler is close and is the dangerous predator of all.

Predators capture the moment where life is uncertain, the split second that the human eye would never normally see. The drama of a gripping battle of wits that decides which animal get a meal or which escape becoming one.

The tribe were nearby and followed the track of the roaring sound.

The sound led the tribe to the entrance of the Karma Park. There under an old oak tree and in the covered space of the old roots laid a newborn baby a little girl who skin was as white as snow and as soft as silk.

Her eyes wild brown and widely open with a head of golden curls and by her side lay Lucchme the female tiger he had board and raised Bearskin he found her as a young cub and despite her illusive nature he was always aware of her secret hideaways He had a gifted touch with tigers. The white spots behind the tiger ears help identify them in the gloom of the Jungle Over the years the tribe hunted every corner and know the land well

A bright light surrounded the little girl like the bright moon when it is full and stars that shimmers in the sky a glimmering sparkle surrounded this child She was a sparkling image of the unbelievable Queen of the great powers. Almost instantly, the tribe lay out on their knees and bowed to the vision. The MODJADJI Queen of great powers sent this child to protect the tribe from evil spirit.

Bearskin the chief of the Mohawks went forward to pick up the child and wrapped her in the coat of skin. He named the child Sundilli meaning Beautiful girl.

The summer rain was late that year. The water in the dam fell low and predators were coming down to drink. The wind Exhausted and the predators lie in wait.

The hills on either side were roaring with the calls of the predators. The river went on for miles; the pines grew through glacier smooth ground.

The years passed by and Sundilli was turning into the beauty of the perfect image of the goddess. She learned how to hunt and spear prey. She ventured out on her own many times, especially at night. She climb trees like a monkey and sits there on the slightly bend trunk gazing at the moon, and at the far distance, the beautiful mountains and the forest. Sundilli was as wild as a tiger and lead the tribe as a true ruler was.

She lived the life of the tiger that is the largest and the heaviest of the cat family, and very much feared by animals and humans alike.

She has a classic orange and white striped coat. She patrols her own territory and usually hunts alone, stalking its prey and killing it by ambush. She is immensely strong and can bring down animals much larger than herself

The tiger relies on stealth to catch its prey. It has excellent eyesight and hearing which helps track animals such as deer, wild pigs, buffalo and other animals of the jungle, which provides food for days.

Tigers slink up slowly, tightly and gentle on their prey. Unseen, it charges only when it is within twenty metres of the prey. It kills its prey by biting into the back of its neck or throat. It drags the carcase away and conceals it with leaves so they are able to return to it. Male tigers can eat up to 40kh of meat in one day, they are able to find their females by their roars and scent marks.

A pair of tigers may mate to a hundred times over in two days.

He roams a territory of up to a hundred square metres depending on its boundaries with metres with scent markings, droppings and scratch marks on boulders or on trees. These signals tell other tigers about its sex and the size of its territory.

They endangered species of about 2.8metres maximum length. The tail alone is around one mete long and weighs up to 220 kilograms .

Sundilli and Lucchme grew up and close to each other and often roamed around together as Lucchme defends its territory fiercely against other rivals, especially the male tiger that tends to attack the young tigers for prey.

Sundilli had the body of a champagne glass and is a picture of indescribable beauty and was just as wild

The Modjadji Princess a true leader, Immortal and possess as much power as that of the Modjadji Queen