My neighbors doggy broke by means of our adjoining fence & attacked my pet on my home nearly killing my pet dog. How can I get well the vet expenditures from my neighbor?


A lawsuit can be commenced to try out to be compensated for damages ensuing from a canine assault. Small Promises Courtroom is a consumer pleasant courtroom to check out to resolve fairly small financial disputes. California regulation states, in part: “The proprietor of any doggy is liable for the damages suffered by any particular person who is bitten by the canine whilst in a community put or lawfully in a non-public put, such as the residence of the owner of the pet dog, irrespective of the previous viciousness of the pet or the owner’s know-how of these types of viciousness.” Liability might also be primarily based on negligence: the failure of a man or woman to exercise due treatment ensuing in harm to an animal. The violation of a public security law, this kind of as a leash legislation, might end result in liability as nicely if these kinds of violation was the proximate trigger of the personal injury. I hope that you and your neighbor can more amicably resolve this condition. Homeowners’ insurance policy guidelines usually cover dog bites. Most importantly, I hope your pet would make a entire restoration. I also propose acquiring a sturdier fence.

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