October 2, 2023

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Horse Rescue Victoria (Project Hope)

Horse Rescue Victoria (Project Hope)

Project Hope Horse Welfare Victoria, originally known as Project Hope Horse Rescue first began in 1973 when a concerned Val Collingwood of Wallan, Victoria, wrote into RIDER magazine regarding the number of neglected horses in Australia.

She outlined a scheme whereby someone could co-ordinate the rescue and rehabilitation of these unfortunate animals and she suggested the name “Project Hope” in memory of a terribly neglected, supposedly aged, buck-jumper from Queensland. She had taken him home to try to save his life, giving him the name “Hope”, although he had very little. He died three weeks later from massive worm infestation at the tender age of three.

Gradually, the organization grew until it became necessary to use newsletters for communication, to introduce memberships fees to help cover costs, and to draw up a constitution. The group has steadily grown from there and with the help of a logo and media coverage has become a more familiar name in equine circles within Victoria.

Major Goals of Project Hope Horse Welfare Victoria

Throughout Victoria, whenever and wherever possible:

o To assist owners through education, assistance and advice to rehabilitate their own horses.

o To provide emergency care, treatment and assistance to horses.

o To rescue and rehabilitate any horse found abandoned, sick, injured or mistreated.

o To educate the community on the plight of neglected horses.

o To contribute to the development of improved government legislation and policy.

Please visit their website and provide all the support you can you help save these magnificent animals.