October 2, 2023

Wolf Fun

Plink Plink Pets

Feral pigs surface to be running amok in this East Bay town

A marauding mob poured out of Mount Diablo foothills Saturday night, seeking for meals and drink, and ripping up at the very least a single manicured front lawn in San Ramon.

The mob was a team of wild boars — occasionally identified as feral pigs — and they ended up browsing for sustenance, almost certainly grubs in the lush suburban lawns.

The aftermath of their following-darkish frenzy was captured in a online video posted on Twitter by resident Ted Hunting. It confirmed a entrance garden with scraps of sod ripped up and strewn around the rest of the garden.

“The wild boars are back again in San Ramon,” Looking exclaimed, referring to a 2017 tv report on the uninvited and unwelcome thieves ripping up lawns.

Despite the outbreak of wild swine activity, neither police nor animal manage officials were called, authorities reported. And even if they had been, they likely wouldn’t have done anything at all about it except people have been hurt.

“We could deliver out our officers but, definitely, I do not know what they’d do,” claimed Capt. Denton Carlson of the San Ramon Police Department.