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Chinese Astrology Issues – 2007 Chinese Year of the Fire Pig

Chinese Astrology Issues – 2007 Chinese Year of the Fire Pig
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The Chinese Calendar is cyclical and is based on the lunar cycle. The Chinese New Year or the New Lunar Year as the Chinese like to call it, starts at a new moon phase and may fall between the last days of January and the middle of February. The 2007 Chinese New Year started at the 18th of February, at the first day of the first new moon phase of the classic western calendar year.

While February the 18th is the 49th day of the traditional western calendar, it is actually the first day of the year for the Chinese and other eastern cultures. The 2007 Chinese New Year is affected by the sign of the Pig. The attributes of this Chinese sign are (for the year 2007) combined with the element of fire, and here’s what that means.

The Pig is the last Chinese sign of the Chinese zodiac cycle and it is generally ruled by the element of Water. But it is also the universal element of Fire who is the major ruler for this year. So it is Fire over Water for 2007. It is a great time to finish anything you have started the previous year or the past years. It is not a good time to start a new major and important project. The Pig and the element of Fire instructs you to go back and see what you’ve got, make any necessary changes, improve your goals and your strategy, finalize situations and get rid of what is bothering you whether it is emotions, feelings, friends, lovers or whatever.

The 2007 Chinese Year of the Pig is also an ideal time to think about the next year and prepare for some major changes that are very likely to happen during the new animal cycle that will begin with the year of the Rat in 2008. So try to carefully visualize your future goals and plans. Don’t go into action yet. This is not a year for new beginnings. Just think of the future and visualize what you want to happen next year. Always keep that in mind and be careful not to be overwhelmed by the Pig’s sensual or sexual temptations. You may be fooled.

This is also an excellent year for legitimate business and ventures. The Pig is quite aggressive and cynical when it comes to frauds, stolen properties/money or other illegal activities. You will be probably punished severely if you don’t play by the rules this year. And it will be a final and strict punishment since the Pig is awaiting its turn in the zodiac cycle to punish bad people. Remember it is the last animal of the Chinese Horoscope and it must make sure everything is in place for the new animal cycle to begin.

It is highly likely that you will presented with a plethora of dilemmas this year. Maybe you will have to make important decisions, maybe choose between sides, you know black pill and blue pill stuff. The Pig favors you to open your mind and soul and start expressing yourself and talk sincerely to others about your feelings, thoughts or plans. Take a stand and act on what you want. It is not a good time to hide and go through shortcuts. Instead you have to select that what fits you the most without any hesitation or fear. If you act smart you will be rewarded afterwards. All your paths will be cleared and justified.

The Pig is a Chinese sign that is also associated with good luck and prosperity and if you follow the rules described above, the magnificent Pig will bring you harmony during the year and unexpected lucky events by the end of 2007. New opportunities may arise as the Pig year ends and depending on the job you’ve done with yourself during the year, these beneficial opportunities will actually be embedded in your life in a way that you cannot miss them or disregard them. Then it is up to you to make decisions and accept or reject new ideas or changes for the coming New Year.

The most important thing to remember about this Chinese Year is that the Pig is the last Chinese Horoscope sign. A cycle ends and a new one is about to begin. Don’t forget that the Pig is also empowered by the universal element of Fire. The influence of Fire will be severe and powerful. Fire is here to help the Pig do some maintenance and clear/destroy what must go and disappear.

So, another cycle that started 11 years ago is about to finish and a new one will soon begin. Chinese strongly believe that the new Chinese horoscope cycle that will start in 2008, will be the most important for the human race as a whole. Chinese prophets and a lot of Chinese Astrologers (including me) agree that the new Chinese Zodiac cycle and the next few years will have a tremendous impact to humanity. We should expect a lot of pleasant and unpleasant surprises, but in the end all this will lead people to a new magical era. So say the analysts..