December 7, 2022

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2022 Dog Training Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Completely Train Your Dog

2022 Dog Training Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Completely Train Your Dog

Dog training is essential. It will dictate the kind of relationship that you will have with your dog. It will also effectively predict if you’d have a stress-free or more stressful life. A trained dog is a charm to be around while one that is not trained can cause multiple problems. To ensure that you and your dog fully enjoy living together and being together, it’s best if you would have your dog trained. This post will tell you every essential thing you need to know about dog training. For further readings, check out this site.

2022 Dog Training Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Completely Train Your Dog

To help you effectively train your dog, this post will give you information on the following:

  •             crate training and house training
  •             leash training
  •             clicker training
  •             socializing
  •             fun tricks and basic commands
  •             behaviour proofing
  •             advanced training
  •             frequently asked questions on dog training

2022 Dog Training Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Completely Train Your Dog

Crate Training and House Training

You need to have your dog crate trained and house trained if you will have your dog stay inside your house. You can skip on this if you plan to keep your dog outdoors but such is rarely the case. Such is even not recommended. Crate training and house training are important because your dog needs to know where to eliminate. House training or potty training is the first thing that you should undertake when training your dog. You can use the crate for this. For successful house training and crate training, you should do the following:

1. Your puppy should be taken outside frequently; ideally every two hours. They should be taken outside during the following: after they wake up, during playing, after playing, after eating, and after drinking.

2. You should choose a consistent bathroom spot outside.

3. Use a specific phrase or word whenever your puppy is relieving themselves. This will effectively remind them that it’s already time to eliminate every time they need to do so.

4. Use rewards every time your puppy gets to successfully eliminate outdoors.

5. Keep to a regular feeding schedule.

6. Remove your puppy’s water dish at least two hours before bedtime. This will ensure that they will not relieve themselves in a way that is not on schedule.

7. Confine your puppy in a certain area if you can’t actively supervise.

Leash Training

It’s essential for you to teach your dog how to walk on a leash. Most areas have leash laws and it’s easily the best way to secure your dog’s safety when outdoors. Do it by:

1. Gently introduce the leash to your puppy.

2. Teach your dog how to walk properly on a leash while beside you.

Clicker Training

Clicker training is one of the most effective dog training methods. You can do without one but most people truly find it convenient and useful. You can basically teach your dog any kind of command or trick with the use of a clicker. You can opt to buy a clicker or simply make a DIY version.


You should make it easy for your dog to socialize with other animals and people. This can be done by exposing your puppy to different people, animals, and places. Socialized dogs do not have the tendency to develop behavior problems. They are also always welcomed by all. A socialized dog is also far from developing any form of fear or phobia.

Fun Tricks and Basic Commands

The following are the basic dog tricks that every dog, including your dog, should know:

1. Speak

2. Come

3. Drop It

4. Sit

5. Back Up

It is important as well that your dog is fully aware of its name. This will secure that you can always get its attention in case of critical situations. This is all the more needed whenever your dog is outdoors. With just his name, you can easily stop your dog from crossing a street and encountering an accident. This is because your dog will immediately stop and take notice every single time that it hears its name. You can also teach fun dog tricks like roll over, shaking, paw wiping, bowing, and leaping.

Behaviour Proofing

Behaviour proofing is an essential part of dog training that should not be skipped. This is usually undertaken after you’ve taught numerous commands to your dogs. Behaviour proofing is simply ensuring that your dog remains in control in all situations. A behaviour-proofed dog is someone who will be relaxed regardless if it is indoors or outdoors with other pets.

Advanced Training

You should proceed to teach your dog advanced tricks once it has mastered basic commands. Tackling advanced tricks will secure that your dog remains physically and mentally stimulated. A consistently mentally active dog is a happy dog. Advanced dog tricks that you can teach your dog are as follows: crawling, catching, balancing an object on its nose, and remembering object names and bringing them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I train my dog to ignore other dogs?

Yes. Do this by always maintaining a distance from other dogs and calling out your dog’s name every time they notice another dog. Do this consistently while slowly allowing your dog to get closer and closer to other dogs.

Can I train a dog to not run away?

Yes. And the first thing that you could do to avoid this is to not run after it whenever it does. Running after your dog whenever he runs away will only encourage the activity. This is because your dog will think that it is a game. To avoid runaway situations, train your dog to always stay by your side. Do this by slowly walking away from it and then calling its name. Give a reward every time it comes to you. You can also ask your friends to call your dog’s name and have them give it treats whenever it comes.

Can I teach my dog to not jump on people?

Yes. Do this by teaching your dog how to “sit.” You can always simply command your dog to “sit” every time a chance for it to jump on people is imminent.