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WoW TCG Loot Cards – Why Going to a Darkmoon Faire Event Is Your Best Chance at Free WoW TCG Loot

WoW TCG Loot Cards – Why Going to a Darkmoon Faire Event Is Your Best Chance at Free WoW TCG Loot
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Looking to get popular WoW TCG loot cards like the Spectral Tiger for a low price? Then check out a World of Warcraft Trading Card Game Darkmoon Faire event near you. Darkmoon Faire events are monthly mini-conventions that are managed by Cryptozoic Entertainment, and they give away tens of thousands of dollars in WoW TCG loot at every Darkmoon Faire.

Interested in learning what all takes place at a Darkmoon Faire, and what you can do to rake in some of those phat loots? Here are a few details that will help you know what to expect at one of these big WoW TCG events.

WoW TCG Beginners Events

One of the first things that players who have not played the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game will want to consider participating in is one of the beginner’s events. These events take place throughout the weekend and are the perfect place to get yourself familiar with the game.

These events are a great value and a fantastic way to get acquainted with the rules. Beginner events are held multiple times each day and are a low $10 to enter. With that entry, you get a WoW TCG Class Starter Deck to play with for three rounds, and you will get one booster pack from the latest WoW TCG expansion: win or lose!

The Main Event

If you are a more experienced WoW TCG player and are looking for a way to win one of 8 Spectral Tiger loot cards, then take a crack at the main event that starts on Saturday. The format for the main event ranges from Classic Constructed, Core Constructed, and Sealed Pack, but the reward for making it into the top 8 at the end of this swiss elimination tournament is a Spectral Tiger.

Also, if you do well in the top cut playoffs on Sunday, you can win some other amazing prizes such as thousands of dollars in travel vouchers, electronics such as an Ipad, and more.


The Lootapalooza event is held on Sunday of the Darkmoon Faire. It is one of the craziest events for people to win loot cards. The Lootapalooza event costs $20 to enter and is a Class Starter Deck tournament, meaning you play with the random Class Starter Deck that they give you.

Each round of this swiss event has the judges awarding random loot cards out to participants. Yes, this includes a Spectral Tiger, which is given out in the last round of the tournament. Rare loot cards from the latest WoW TCG expansion are also given out to the people with the best records at the end of this tournament, making this one of the Darkmoon Faire’s tournaments that gives you the biggest loot card bang for your buck.

The Darkmoon Faires are a fun event for everyone, but if you also want to save yourself a fortune on WoW TCG loot cards, then it’s definitely worth checking out if one is in your area. With Cryptozoic Entertainment working hard to churn out more exciting events each month, these big tournaments are only getting more valuable to attend.