October 2, 2023

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Why freeze-dried dog food is better than dehydrated

Why freeze-dried dog food is better than dehydrated

All people is aware of that raw food stuff is a more healthy option for your pet dog than processed kibble, but did you know that not all raw pet dog food stuff is produced equal? Numerous pet homeowners make the assumption that due to the fact they’re feeding their dog a raw diet plan, it usually means their doggy is having the maximum-high quality diet plan, but that’s not the situation. 

To start with, let’s make an assumption that you are not interested in the mess or grossness of appropriate off-the-bone and bloody raw meat. You’re not by itself with this, which is why your greatest choices for ease and quality are either freeze-dried or dehydrated. That aside, you also have to have to know that how uncooked pet dog food stuff is prepared makes all the distinction. 

Freeze-dried vs. Dehydrated dog meals

When beginning your doggy out on a totally uncooked diet plan, the ideal choice is freeze-dried about dehydrated. Even nevertheless the processes for both freeze-dried and dehydrated seem comparable, each choices include getting rid of the dampness from the meat, there are some extremely crucial essential differences.

1. Preparing

Freeze-dried puppy food items is made by freezing the meat very first, decreasing the stress, then getting rid of the ice before it solidifies by utilizing vacuum force and applying low-stage warmth. The freeze-drying approach can take up to 48-several hours. 

Dehydrated foodstuff is produced by removing the moisture by way of evaporation. Dehydrated pet dog food stuff is manufactured at better temperatures than freeze-dried pet dog food stuff and does not just take as prolonged to make. Generally, the system is accomplished immediately after 8 to 12 several hours.

2. Dietary Price

Dehydrated canine foodstuff is created at bigger temperatures, which kills a whole lot of natural vitamins in the course of processing. Following the dehydration method, just about 50 % of the nutrients have been ruined appreciably lowering the nutritional price.

Due to the fact freeze-dried canine food items is built by using low temperatures, this aids to preserve the pure vitamins and minerals in the meat, creating it a closer possibility to feeding your dog a conventional uncooked diet program.

Bottom line… freeze-dried pet dog foods has a bigger nutritional benefit than dehydrated and is, thus, more healthy for your puppy.

3. Basic safety

One particular of the most important concerns pet entrepreneurs have with feeding their puppies a uncooked diet plan is Salmonella, E. coli and other types of bacterial contamination.

Because of the cooking system, a freeze-dried food plan has tiny to no opportunity of bacterial contamination, owing to the point that the meat is frozen just before the humidity is eliminated, cutting down the preliminary quantity of bacteria existing proper from the beginning. This lowers the hazard of your dog obtaining unwell almost down to zero. 

When it comes to dehydrated meals, the risks are a little heightened. Dehydrating the food stuff does get rid of some of the germs, but a lot more micro organism survive the heating procedure when getting dehydrated as opposed to freeze-dried. 

The ideal freeze-dried pet dog foods

Now, that we’ve set up that freeze-dried is far better than dehydrated, you want to come across a firm that gives the very best-excellent freeze-dried dog food items that you can rely on, and the greatest choice is Aspect By Facet

What helps make Facet By Side different is that we put the health and basic safety of your puppy 1st by making use of the optimum-quality, vet-formulated, freeze-dried dog food stuff designed with whole food items substances like complete veggies. We also have a exceptional 2-stage method for freeze-drying, which is ​​verified protected and successful by an impartial 3rd get together. Plus, died by Facet is 100% Total & Well balanced with out the want to insert any more vitamins or minerals.

Discover how freeze-dried dog food items can strengthen your dog’s everyday living and get Facet By Aspect now!