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Top 10 Ringtones Of All Times

Top 10 Ringtones Of All Times
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1) Sir Mix-a-Lot “Baby Got Back” Ringtone

The lyrics of the tremendously popular 1992 song “Baby Got Back,” by rapper Sir Mix-a-Lot were modified to “Pick up the phone! Pick up the phone! ‘Because you don’t wanna miss this call and I cannot lie!” The result was a guaranteed position in the top 10 ringtones list. 

2.) The Nokia Tune

The well-known Nokia tune is based on measures taken from “Gran Vals,” a classical piece composed in 1902 by Spanish musician Francisco Tarrega. Reports estimate that it is heard worldwide billions of times in a single day, a fact that both corroborates its popularity and accounts for the annoyance many people associate with it.

3.) The Classic Telephone Ring

Many people find it unnecessary to express their personalities by means of a unique, personalized ringtone; they find the classic bell ringing sound to alert them of a call amply sufficient. 

4.) The CTU Ringtone

In the popular TV show “24,” the ringtone of the phones in the CTU headquarters consists of a distinctive series of electronic blips that has captivated the interest of cell phone users and prompted many of them to download it for their mobile devices. 

5.) The Mosquito Tone

The Mosquito tone, also known as the “Teen Buzz” is based on the high-frequency sound emitted by the Mosquito alarm, a device intended to dissuade teenagers from loitering outside stores. The sound is difficult, if not impossible, for older people to distinguish, which makes it an ideal ringtone for bold teenagers to set their cell phones to in class. 

6.) The Nokia Morse code SMS Alert

The Morse Code SMS alert transmits the letters “S-M-S” in Morse code and it is the ringtone of choice among consumers to notify them that they have received a new text message. 

7.) Ridin Dirty by Chamillionaire

Rapper Chamillionaire’s “Ridin” was a huge hit in 2006 and the song’s ringtone was no less appreciated; it became instantly popular among cell phone users.

8.) Crazy Frog Ringtone

The memorable “Crazy Frog” ringtone quickly made the top 10 ringtones list because of its catchy, entertaining appeal and its extensive promotion by the Jamba mobile content company. It was based on a CG animation titled “The Annoying Thing,” developed in 2003 by Swedish animator Erik Wernquist.

9.) Mr. T Ringtone

The popular, humorous ringtones feature the unmistakable voice of Mr. T issuing gruff commands, like “Pick up yo’ phone, fool!” or “Hey, fool, stop making your phone ring!”

10.) The iPhone Ringtone

Steve Jobs’ presentation of the newly launched iPhone in 2007 included a specific ringtone that was used to demonstrate the device’s calling capabilities. It quickly became one of the top 10 ringtones and is now included among the phones’ standard selection of ringtones.