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Tiger Woods – Why? Part 3 – Missing Wiring

Tiger Woods – Why? Part 3 – Missing Wiring
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[This article is neither intended to extol nor defame Tiger Woods. It is offered simply as a means of relating his personal numbers in his numerology chart with the events and circumstances of his life and destiny to further the understanding of numerology as a science].

In Part 1 of “Tiger Woods, Why?” we discussed the issues of love and sex as they relate to the numbers 5 and 6. In Part 2 we addressed the numbers 1, 8 and 9 as they relate to concepts of power, fame, success and ego. In this article we will explain how the numbers 7 and 8 play a major role in the concept of “missing wiring” in the Tiger Woods Saga.

In numerology there are nine basic numbers: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9. These nine single ciphers represent the composite “wiring” of the individual. Each number, as a wire, manifests specific characteristics and attributes (identified as keywords or key phrases). Across these “wires” flow the energy which allows the individual to operate as a conscious living being. When an individual’s full natal name houses all of the single numbers, his wiring is complete and his ability to operate as a balanced, harmonious and functionally integrated human being are enhanced. When a number or numbers are missing in the chart, the wiring is incomplete and the individual’s chances of living a full, whole and effective life are compromised.

Voids are missing wires in the birth name. They are major problematic players in the destiny of an individual. Simply said, voids create problems; the more voids, the more potential problems. Furthermore, if a void is located in a Challenge position in the numerology chart, its problems intensify in the area associated with its characteristics and attributes for the time the void is active in the chart. If the void not only occurs in a Challenge position but also does not occupy one of the seven components of the Basic Matrix, it becomes a Grand Voided Challenge and its problematic status creates havoc for the individual during the time frame in which the void occurs.

Think of an automobile and its structure. It is filled with all kinds of wires which send mechanical or electrical signals to its various parts thus allowing the car to run smoothly and efficiently. For example, assume the ignition system has no wiring. The car couldn’t start even if the remainder of the car’s wiring were complete. Perhaps the ignition system is in tact but there are no break lines from the brake pedal to the wheels. The car will not be able to stop even if it gets moving. If there’s no wiring from the steering column to the front end wheel assembly, the car may be able to start, it may be able to go, it may be able to stop but it won’t be able to turn. Obviously then, an automobile’s wiring system is critical to its health, integration and functionability. Without all of the wiring in tact, an automobile may not only be inefficient but dangerous… to itself and others.

So it is with people. If their wiring is complete, their lives and happiness will be potentially enhanced. If their wiring is lacking, they will be lacking, their lives manifesting problems and causing potential disruption to themselves and others. Numerology “wires” are identified by numbers and their corresponding letters as depicted in the following chart.

A-J-S: 1
B-K-T: 2
C-L-U: 3
D-M-V: 4
E-N-W: 5
F-O-X: 6
G-P-Y: 7
H-Q-Z: 8
I & R: 9

Tiger Woods, who was born “Eldrick Tont Woods” on 30 December 1975, has no Gs, Ps or Ys in his birth name. This gives him a 7 void. He also has no Hs, Qs or Zs which give him an 8 void. Plus, he has no 7s or 8s in the Basic Matrix of his numerology chart. This condition makes each number a Grand Void. Furthermore, Tiger’s chart manifests a double 8 void in the Challenge aspect of his chart, thus creating a Grand Voided Challenge. In layman’s terms, all this void structure creates very demanding times for Tiger Woods which will tax both the internal and external aspects of his life.

The 7 Void
In numerology, the number 7 rules all things internal – the mind and spirit. This includes the depth of thought or lack of it [the opposite side of its energetic coin]; wisdom and foolishness; nobility and ignobility; chaos and calm; purity and impurity; adulteration and sanctification; saints and sinners; analysis, reflection, examination, evaluation, reclusion, recession, privacy and secrecy.

It is this 7 void which has negatively impacted Woods’ ability to assess, examine and evaluate his actions wisely. Generally speaking, a 7 void manifests as a lack of depth of thought, an absence of wisdom. This is not always the case, however, as sometimes a person with a 7 void will work hard to fill up the void positively. Too, other factors in the chart may offset or mitigate negative 7 potentials. This said, with the combination of Tiger’s 1, 5, 6 and 9 energy of self, ego, sensual stimulation, variety, love and power [see article Parts 1 and 2], it is understandable that the 7 void in his chart played itself out as a total lack of thought and wisdom which were overpowered by his ego, sexual and sensual energies. In effect, the “wiring” is missing between Tiger’s depth of thought and his actions.

The 8 Void
In numerology, the number 8 rules all things external. 8 is the energy of connection and its opposite polarity, disconnection. It is the most powerful social number of the alpha-numeric spectrum [the single numbers One through Nine]. 8 also rules management, administration, marketing, coordination, orchestration, continuity, commerce, execution, worldly comfort and a sense of being ‘in the loop.’

With an 8 Grand Voided Challenge in his numerology chart, there exists a deep disconnect in Woods between his private and public life, between the promotion of his wholesome family-man image and his libidinous menagerie of mistresses. This kind of hypocrisy has been perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the Woods Saga. In some ways, it’s much like the Bernie Madoff scandal. He also had fooled and deceived many people and his disconnect finally caught up with him and disconnected him not only from his fortune but his freedom. Madoff also had a 7 and 8 void in his chart but his voids were both Grand Voided Challenges and thus more severe. Too, Madoff, like Woods, had the 33-6 master number present as the identifier of his needs, wants and desires, and the numbers 1 and 9 dominate in his Challenge positions as well. The 1 and 9 rule ego and power – the same energies plaguing Woods. Madoff, like Woods, duped many people but his was certainly more criminal, bilking people out of approximately sixty-five billion dollars with absolutely no remorse for his actions or the immense catastrophic effect it had on the people he deceived and damaged.

Both Madoff and Woods express extreme egos and power bases and court an extreme disconnect to what is considered normal reality. As far as Woods is concerned, how could he engage in such a plethora of sexual relationships with total disregard not only for his own health and well-being but more grievously for that of his wife and children? The sexually transmitted disease issues are enormous, not to mention the psychological, emotional, familial, financial and social implications. What was he thinking? And this is the root of the problem. He wasn’t thinking. Either that or he just didn’t have the depth of thought to make a connection between his actions and how those actions could and would negatively affect his wife, children, their future, the rest of his family, the PGA, his fans, sponsors, the public in general and his own life and success. Certainly, he couldn’t have been blind to his global iconic image, popularity and hero status. Or could he? Did his 1 and 9 power combination delude him into thinking because he was the great Tiger Woods that he would escape detection or accountability? This is a perfect example of a 7-8 void combination, a total disconnect between himself and others, but a strong connection to his own needs, as reflected by the dominating combination of 1 [ego/self] and 9 [power] energy in his chart.

If Tiger Woods ultimately shows some genuine penitence and humility, it will be a positive move in the right direction for him. The key in his rehabilitation will be to fill these voids of the 7 and 8 with wisdom as well as loving, not lusting, management of his personal life. It won’t be easy, and he will have to exercise extreme discipline, self-control and strength of will to negate the negative effects of these voids, not to mention managing the damage that has been done to so many lives, as well as the rebuilding of his personal life. You play, you pay, is the age-old saying, and sometimes the payback is harsh, brutal and catastrophic. Such is karma.

The whole Tiger Woods Saga has certainly been shocking, sad and extremely painful, especially for his wife and family. In consideration of their collective well-being, we wish all of them a sense of balance and harmony so they may move past this heartbreaking ordeal and ultimately lead harmonious and positive lives.


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