September 27, 2022

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The Postscript by Carrie Classon: The Treat Lady All over again | Columns

The puppies are missing me. 

My husband, Peter, predicted this soon after we moved. “All the canine will miss you!” he claimed. “They are heading to be on the lookout for the Address Lady. Really don’t you believe which is unfortunate?”

I did not. To start with of all, I didn’t consider it. Just due to the fact I handed out treats for a few of many years to the dogs did not indicate they would count on to see me yet again. Just due to the fact they remembered me when they noticed me did not suggest I would ever cross their minds if they didn’t see me. 

But yesterday I obtained two text messages from doggy homeowners boasting their canine ended up missing me. Both involved photos of the supposedly bereaved dogs. 1 showed a pet dog seeking mournfully into the digital camera. The 2nd was a image of two canine staring at the path where I utilized to fulfill them on my hike in the evenings. The picture was captioned: “They glimpse for you just about every night.” 

I am dubious. 

For starters, the two pet dogs who are supposedly even now hunting for me are the border collies who attended my likely-absent social gathering, and if you have ever achieved a border collie, you know how intelligent they are. I’m selected they try to remember the party and understood why we ended up throwing it. If they are even now viewing the trail, it is very likely in an exertion to obtain my alternative. They possibly also have a publishing on Craigslist: “Seeking center-aged female to present refreshments an hour right before proprietor gets home. Major candidates only.”

The other pet dog was Remington and if Remington is missing any one, it would be Peter, who tossed accurately 6 goldfish crackers to him every single day of the pandemic. Peter called him a “circus pet,” and advised him it was a shame they no more time hired canines to entertain under the large prime. Remington’s goldfish cracker-catching competencies are possibly obtaining rusty, but that has absolutely nothing to do with me. 

It’s not the dogs who are lacking me. I miss being the Handle Woman. 

There is practically nothing stopping me from handing out canine treats. Every single working day, I walk by new neighborhoods, seeing new sights, understanding my way all over. At initial, I had to talk to my cellphone constantly as I wandered, with no thought the place I was or exactly where I was headed. Now I have a two-mile region in all instructions quite properly explored. There are loads of folks walking dogs everywhere I go. But I haven’t handed out any treats. I’m not really guaranteed why. 

Perhaps it is for the reason that I do not come to feel like I am a resident nonetheless and handing out treats looks like something a host would do for a visitor. “Oh! Are not you a awesome pet! It’s so attractive to satisfy you. You seem like you ought to have a handle!” Probably it’s mainly because I’m in a much more city setting and I stress another person may slip-up me for a Top secret Canine Poisoner alternatively of the Handle Woman. 

Past night time, Peter and I went to hear new music in the park. There were dogs everywhere. Some were being evidently veterans of the live performance scene. They wagged their tails in time to the tunes as they walked by, also awesome to discover strangers. Some have been new to the entire thing, fired up by the sounds and individuals and music. Just one young pet caught sight of the pizza Peter and I had been sharing and manufactured a beeline towards us.

“Stop!” The puppy’s proprietor stated. The pup reluctantly retreated. 

I wasn’t going to share my pizza with the puppy dog. But I wished I had a take care of. Probably I’ll be the Address Girl all over again ahead of I know it. 

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