October 2, 2023

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The Other Best Friend When Walking Your Dog!

The Other Best Friend When Walking Your Dog!

The Pawfect Bag: The Other “Best Friend” When Going for walks Your Dog!

The Pawfect Bag is perfect for all your dog walking needs!
This bag tends to make the fantastic other “best friend” for puppy strolling!

The light-weight Pawfect Bag can have every little thing you and your canine will need for your walks leaving your hands wholly free of charge!

Do YOU Will need the Pawfect Bag?

The Pawfect Bag is excellent for:

  • Dad and mom with strollers.
  • Joggers or runners.
  • Specialist dog walkers.
  • Mobility-challenged men and women.
  • People today confined to wheelchairs.
  • Any one who requirements to continue to keep their fingers vacant and no cost!
  • Any individual who does not want to have a warm poop bag in their palms!
  • Every person who needs to secure the atmosphere by simply bringing their comprehensive poop luggage house to toss absent!

Pawfect Bag: 101

Sensible, drinking water-resistant and sturdy with 2 detachable (and washable) pockets!

  • 1st Pocket: Use for clean up poop baggage, an additional leash, treats, water and even your cellphone!
  • 2nd Pocket: Preserve entire poop bags in this individual pocket and away from your other products!

The Person Powering the Bag!

Nick Avery of Pawfect Bags
Nick Avery at his Show Booth

This hassle-free pet going for walks answer was designed by British veteran, Nick Avery.

Nick enjoys discovering the countryside with his doggy and he started to observe a large problem with other pet walkers leaving their whole poo bags on the floor, thrown into the bushes or still left hanging from trees! Decided to handle this threat to the surroundings, Nick developed the snug and convenient Pawfect Bag so bringing house the poo is quick although also keeping your fingers totally free and clean up!

Regrettably, doggy walkers all-around the environment are placing their community environments at great risk by leaving these entire baggage at the rear of which never decay! Imagine the disorder and parasites these overlooked poop baggage go away at the rear of which threaten our soil, water sources and even other animals!

In addition, with just about every invest in of his bag, Nick donates to a veteran group of your decision!

Watch this Video clip from Nick Avery.

To Acquire Your Bag

The Pawfect Bag: The perfect colour for every canine lover! Baggage also arrive with puppy paws or without pet paws!