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The Catacombs of Cibara [Introduction Chapters to "The Cardaverous Planets"]

The Catacombs of Cibara [Introduction Chapters to "The Cardaverous Planets"]
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The Catacombs of Cibara

Component I

The Forbidden Earth

The world Cibara is just past the Asteroid Moon Ice Cap, which is which orbits the chilly earth referred to as Moiromma, just over and above our solar technique–if one particular is to get in touch with Pluto, the past world in our photo voltaic procedure.

Malsi, Superior Priest of Cibara

In the dreadful passages which one particular would scarcely opt for to stroll by itself in, a lot considerably less, for very long periods at a time, dwells the catacomb of Cibara. Unseen by other species–other phylum, other than the Cibaralites, that is, or its inhabiting demon, or hybrid [Hybrids: implying as half-Cibara and half demonic, originally brought to Cibara from earth, via, by angelic-renegades, such as, Crick’el and Amasras].

These hybrids sleep beneath the best soil of the crust of the earth Cibara–underneath its tons of ice, that prospects into the subterranean graveyards of 90,000-years earlier. In this labyrinth of caves, tunnels and cavities, resides a city of lifeless corpuses: primarily hybrids (which would be considered on earth: morphological innovations of evolution by means of mutations, and recombination, hence connecting perhaps two species with each other at a single time, producing 1) some pure Cibara, and continue to others from nearby planets, to incorporate earth, and Moiromma. A sanctuary of and for evil spirits, acquainted spirits as some have called them, all in decay, and exceeding foulness. And so Opus guards the key entrance as the gatekeeper as Malsi the Higher Priest walks the halls.

–Opus is a pure demon, and Malsi is a hybrid Malsi becoming the very last of his type. But this minor impetuous tale started very long ago, permit me update you. Malsi was born from a Cibara woman who cohabitated with a demon, he of training course is the offspring of this demise. But back again when it was prevalent for Cibara, when hundreds of demons had been cohabitating with the flesh of the planet that is, beginning was presented to innumerable, nameless offspring. But this ungodly act was not to final. Allow me back again monitor a minimal, and demonstrate:

when Malsi surfaces for air, refreshing awesome air–for the catacombs can come to be really suffocating–and still just one need to try to remember the High Priest, carries the blood of the Cibara folks, and is in need of these un- nauseating relief. Having said that, what he does is moderately magical in a Habilis way with a spell he surfaces over ground by a huge Cyprus tree (and I say Cyprus, for on this planet I do not know what else to connect with it for it resembles a single), 1 with gigantic roots, roots as huge as pythons, and seemingly not all that far from the entrance the place Opus guards. These great roots are a tunnel of kinds for the condition-shifting Malsi, who need to transfer as a result of them in a mist like type, as he will come out the higher conclude to the area of the planet for they hold down into the emptiness of the underground halls, creeping deep all through the planets subterranean soil the roots sink correct into his minimal grotto.

Within his mouth, he has sharp and pointed fangs with toxic juices that spray out alongside their sides and a mist addresses his entire body, as he condition-shifts out of the roots: as they are extended and ready for combat ought to he need to have them. The facade of mist safeguards him from would be assassins. And within just his entire body, he carries a soul: indeed, like all actual physical beings, or fifty percent actual physical that is, phylum in character: a living and dying soul, one that is in decay, not the unfilled souls of demonic beings, for there is light-weight, not considerably but illumination nevertheless.

On this desolate and half frozen world, forbidden to go to by place travelers because of the loss of life curse that appears to be to surround it: so, they live isolated for the most part, yet craving to rule the two photo voltaic techniques theirs [the one Moiromma is on, which it is on the rim, the edge of both] and the one particular earth is in–the Milky Way, with its cloudy like milk that contains numerous luminous bands of stars in the midnight sky.

The Catacombs of Cibara

Havoc in the Catacombs

Part II

In the times that are now much in the previous, there was what was known as “The Previous Types,” angelic beings, originating from a bygone era on earth, which was termed the Pre-Satanic Era, (these Outdated Kinds, now angelic renegades), demonic as they are identified now, were a content race, right until a holy angelic-being called Lucifer, wanted to rule heaven and earth, he getting the winner of the whole lot. In place of point, in time riot took more than, and Lucifer turned evil, and thenceforth, was termed the Adversary [or Satan, the Adversary for short]. As a result, the other angelic beings: beings with wings and supernatural capability: talents that exceeded all other beings in the Universe, help save for the reality of the sacred beings, at the ask for of their pals–their pals now staying known as demons and by some species and races within specific species, demigods, paid out a handsome value with their cohabitating with females, hiding them for the angelic beings, and promoting them for a totally free ride out of earths environment. Whereupon, they observed a further world to infest: Cibara past Moiromma.

In the meantime, the angelic renegades had been forged into a pit for that reason, no more could be taken out of earth’s gravity belt, at this position and time. Two of these so identified as supernatural-beings (referred to as: transporting angelic beings) by the names of: Crick’el, and Amasras ended up the sole companies for as previous stated, transportation to other planets, the list of names is larger sized by significantly, but it would do small credence to list them all now. All in all, items seemed to work out properly for the demonic-race and the hybrids (the hybrids being of class, of the actual physical and supernatural) alas, this was not a superior set up for the authentic inhabitants of the earth, the Cibaralites, I talk of.


Malsi experienced taken his daily breath of air, as he appeared outside the house of the roots of the fantastic Cyprus tree, filling his lungs up with the amazing breeze of the bordering semi-arctic local weather, and this being the warmer part of the yr. There landscape was not as lethal or critical as Moiromma, as they had some where by all-around 90% surface area coverage of ice sheets, glaciers, and mountains included with icecaps, and snow just about where ever a person would glance in the far distance, as perfectly as not close by. But then, their world was only 50 % the size of their world of Moiromma, nonetheless it could sustain everyday living much better, and had numerous far more residing animals, wherever as, Moiromma, had but a few worms, fish, and rodents to decide on from (thus, cannibalism took position). But quite a few matters could increase on this little planet in spite of the coldness the plants seemed to keep its desired vitamins within just its very own technique, like a camels hump, and thus, survived all seasons.

But what I was about to say was that Malsi was filling his lungs up with the coolness of the spring air, it was attainable about 35F [above ground], a warm spring day in truth–and with these kinds of days just one desired to choose benefit of them, for they were being significantly and in-between. While, Moiromma’s spring at this time was down below zero, and of training course earths was a mixture of various tempters in accordance to the hemispheres.

There he sat on the root he came out of: transferred like a seeping mist lifting up above a mountain. Then he only looked about, gazing to and fro, enjoying the everyday living of spring a person could possibly say optimistic about life he was, commonly speaking but when Suru’el appeared: just like that, a sight to behold, a holy gigantic remaining, brighter than the suns rays, should a human-getting appear at this remaining with the naked eye for for a longer time than a instant, surly his eyes would burn to crust–but he stayed his length, and was included mainly with white linen to offset the brightness, apart from for his facial area, fingers, neck and toes. It shook him a little bit, the suddenness of Suru’el’ overall look–matter of truth he froze in dread for that instant, eyes cast extensive open like massive hail balls, not transferring, not certain if he really should try out to go. He thought: no holy angelic-staying would come unless he had a activity, a message, a mission of types, from the Godhead Himself, the Almighty God of the Universe, the Creator. He tried out to swallow, but his mouth went dry, Opus could not see him, he was sure of that, but someway he felt he necessary to warn him, not confident why he had to alert him, what could either he or Opus do, not a point must the angelic-currently being want a conquest, a struggle, but he worked on the truth: holy angels do not strike 1st–thank God–need to that be the problem, he was a useless creature at that. Yet again, he found himself stationary for the minute, and a very extraordinary minute at that:

then from this angelic-becoming, its hands cast a flame, a hissing flame, a twisting and bolting flame, that sucked into the roots of the tree, and into the crust of the earth, all the way to the catacombs. As the tree shook, and the floor wobbled, Malsi stood up, his eyes as massive as tennis balls, just about in shock, he looked to the gates, the entrance the place Opus was: all the things was cascading in and close to him and Opus could not be noticed or be listened to. And the floor opened up, and lava stuffed the underground tunnels, reminiscent of a flowing river. There was nothing at all truly to be stated, it was as if it was all overdue.

Stated Suru’el, “Really should you or your sort [meaning the demon on the planet] cohabitate with the gals of Cibara yet again, I will appear back again and like the Old Ones from Earth [for there were many legends], I will chain and bind you to the abyss, just like Ura’el did on Earth. Do you recognize?”

As a result, ever considering the fact that that working day, so several many years in the past, the demonic forces that arrived from earth, to reside between the people of Cibara, now were being limited to body possession only. And really should their soiled minds want to cohabitate they would have to do it by way of possession of an additional person, and so they did.