Rescue teams say they’re not looking at wave of returned pandemic animals

Animal advocacy and rescue companies say they have not seen a wave of entrepreneurs supplying up pets adopted throughout the pandemic as limits lift and folks return to their workplaces and social life. 

Worries about people returning pets they took in even though largely confined to their households have been rampant immediately after news reviews recommended the place was observing a surge of proprietors abandoning their animals as coronavirus rules commenced to loosen up.

But all round, facts and animal welfare groups say owners are mostly maintaining the animals they adopted throughout the pandemic. 

A poll produced Wednesday by the American Culture for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) identified a broad vast majority of entrepreneurs who adopted throughout the pandemic kept their pet. 

The “nationally agent” survey located that 90 per cent of homes that adopted a pet dog and 85 per cent of homes that adopted a

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