With Trauma Too Deep To Cope, She Wedged Herself Between The Walls

A dog, named Kita, was found on a large piece of property. When she was rescued, she was confused and afraid. She couldn’t comprehend that these humans wanted to give her proper food and shelter, and above all, a second chance at life.

Kita was too overwhelmed to handle it so she did what she had to in order to cope… she shut down completely. Her rescue journey began with her suffering and it was completely heartbreaking.

Screenshot via YouTube

Once Kita was taken to her foster home, she curled into a tiny ball. She made herself so small that she could wedge herself between the walls. When Kita did move from that spot, she’d sit and stare into the corner of the room. The walls were her shield, her barrier, her protection. It was gut-wrenching.

Screenshot via YouTube

Her foster mom explains, in the video below, that even when

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