Do Dogs Bury Their Poop? The 3 Unexpected Reasons Dogs Kick After Pooping

You’ve probably seen your dog kick their back legs after pooping.

Many pet parents wonder if their dog is trying to – without success – bury their poop.

Sometimes, your dog might actually manage to fling some grass over it, but most of the time, the poop will still be out in the open.

Is your dog trying to bury their poop, and if so, why are they so terrible at it?

Why Dogs Kick Up Grass After Pooping

Both Matilda and Cow go into a kicking frenzy after pooping.

Just this morning, Cow kicked directly into her poop, getting it between her toes on her hind paws. This is the third time she’s managed to do it. Usually I can get her to move to the side before kicking. But if I’m not fast enough, I’ll end up having to wash off her poopy feet before letting her go

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An Unexpected Life Preserver During Stressful Times
– Photo courtesy of Greg Fischer –

I never thought I’d get Covid. Yes, twenty-three of my friends had it during the month of July, but me? No way! Well that fantasy ended when Ken and I picked up the virus on our getaway to Montana.

During my illness, I experienced mild symptoms – my head felt like it was gripped in a vice that was being tightened ever so slowly. I was grateful for the morning when the tide turned and I became a mere puddle of sweat.

The Aftermath

Before Covid, I’d consider myself someone with pretty good wellness habits. I meditate, hike with Grace, eat a whole-foods plant-based diet, do yoga, and practice gratitude – extremely helpful activities to get through the tough times we are living in. After my brush with Covid I felt like a deflated balloon – without energy, motivation, or desire to do … Read more