Equine Expert’s Personal Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

Editor’s Note: In place of our guest interview, we decided to post Monty Roberts’ moving tribute to Queen Elizabeth II’s global impact on the non-violent training of horses worldwide. Monty, thank you for sharing your story. 


by Monty Roberts – reposted with permission

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Left: Queen Consort Camilla, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and Monty Roberts following a demonstration session | Photo: MontyRoberts.com

The death of Queen Elizabeth II, September 8, 2022, encouraged me to collectivize my thoughts on my life. Born in 1935, I was the son of a father who believed violence was the answer to raising a child. The CAT Scan and the MRI in the 1981 revealed a massive number of fractures which were identified as happening prior to the age of puberty.

While there was much violence in my life, I was fortunate to grow up in the presence of horses.

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A tribute to Harry, the squirrel chasing, skunk fighting hound
Harry, the mostly Jack Russell terrier, and former owner of Henry and Kay Miller

Harry has remaining the constructing as they utilised to announce to rabid Elvis Presley lovers in the 1950s who lingered in auditoriums prolonged following his departure hoping for encores.

After just about a ten years of possessing us, Harry the largely Jack Russell terrier went to the big pet park in the sky on July 12.

We created the determination to consider him on the last ride to the vet when he was so unsteady that I had to have him household right after a pair of back-to-back 50-foot evening walks.

Harry just stood trembling on wobbly legs, staring into the length.

Towards the close, I had to hoist him up and down the again techniques by his harness, and he had a challenging time navigating acquainted turf, at the time mistaking the opening under a self-importance table for the doorway to his adjacent crate.

We suspected a stroke.


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